Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Know That These Boomboxes Aren't Exactly The Norm Around Here...But Realize That The '80s Were 30 Years Ago...And Everything Comes Back Around In 30 Years! Status: Collected.


I won't pass up a cool boombox, but I do have my preferences for certain options...if you will.  I don't buy boomboxes with CD players.  Those are too new.  I do prefer the older school boomboxes that have the cassette and controls on the face...but this one is still pretty cool...and doesn't have a CD player.


Back when I was wearing 29 inch waist Levi's I would have LOVED to have this crazy boombox.  Of

course, I was in high school and would never have been able to afford this.  I was barely able to

scrape together enough dough to buy the JVC I still have to this day!  This particular unit has some

"features" that kinda interesting.  Bass Boost?  Check.  3D Sound?  It ain't Surround, but Check. 

Dual Cassette, it's there...but one don't work.  Half Check.  5 Band Graphic EQ?  Check.  Best of all,

Line In Stereo RCA Jack?  Check.


I didn't even know that Hitachi made portable stereos.  One problem is that this one has paint splatter

on it.  I'd normally use Goof Off to remove it, but I know that it'll melt the plastic.  I've either gotta

come up with another plan or just live with it.  But it does sound pretty good and it's PLENTY loud. 

This one will probably become our Drive In Theater boombox so I can stop taking the rarer, more

interesting ones.  You think these will start to accrue in value any time soon?  I just like being able to

buy 'em cheap now, knowing how out of reach they were when I was a kid.


  1. love these thanks for posting. i still have and use one that i won in a sales contest in 1986.

  2. Love it! I fix up old stereo / turntable consoles for a hobby and most all of those units have RCA jacks readily accessible as they were made right from the factory. That means they’re easily connected with a cheap cable adapter to your tablet or phone. Digital ready right from the 60’s! - midmichigan