Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sorry I Missed You Folks Yesterday. It Took Me A Little Longer Than I Anticipated To Put Together This Video Blog Post. This Time It's A Danish Lounge Chair That I've Had Sitting In The Garage For A While. Status: Available Soon.


I found a set of cushions at the Goodwill a few days ago and had to pull this Danish Lounge Chair frame out of the garage to see if they'd work.  Verdict?  Mixed results.  Click through to check out a video!


  1. I like the addition of the video post!

    1. Hi Hannah

      Thanks so much! It was ridiculously complicated to put this together. I have to use my old digital camera for the video, which records in .MOV files so I had to download Quicktime to view. My crappy (free / very...very old) editing software doesn't recognize the video my phone shoots. I don't have a mic for the PC so I ended up recording the commentary on my phone, which I had to email to my PC and then record while playing to the editing software. I know...complicated.

  2. Great video! MUCH better than the last “slideshow” type you posted a few days ago. Good narration, music and a fine retro chair too. Nice work, MMT! -midmichigan