Saturday, September 6, 2014

Again, I Lied...Or Was Mistaken (Which Sounds Much Better). I Found Yet Two More Items That I Picked Up On The 127 Corridor World's Longest Yard Sale. Plus Some Other Odds And Ends. Status: Some Available, Some Keepers.


Yet another thrift / flea / yard sale haul.  Some of this is already available, some will be available and some is four us.  It's weird how I keep finding a few more bits and pieces from our 127 Corridor road trip.  It's the road trip that keeps on giving!


These two items both came from the same vendor along the 127 Corridor.  I almost didn't buy them

but the Girlfriend goaded me into it and I'm happy she did.  You ever get in a mood where you just

aren't tempted to spend?  It happens to me from time to time, where everything that I might normally

load up on just give me a "blah" feeling and I come home empty handed.  That was happening the

last Sunday we were on the trip.  But the Girlfriend came through and the seller was willing to

bargain.  In every car we've had for years now we've had a suction cup stick on compass stuck to the

windshield.  I love the retro road trip aspect of having one right there to see every day.  This one is

the real deal though.  It ain't got no suction's got to attached by a screw in the dash.  The pet

treat container was almost left behind because of the chip in the lid.  Sadly, I left a lone lid behind at

the Goodwill about 6 months ago...figures, right?  It does have it's little "ringer" inside the lid though!


This trio of Dorothy Thorpe silver rim bowls was added to a fourth in the booth at The Antique Mall

of Creve Coeur today, so they are currently available.  Wanna eat your morning bowl of Toasty Os in

style?  You could do worse!  It's kinda crazy how much silver rim Dorothy Thorpe I have available in

booth 307 right now.  I've even got some chrome rim DT style pieces if you want something with a

little more flash.


These two pieces stayed home with me.  The blue wine glass is just an extra that I found a few days

ago that I picked up because I have a nice full set of them already.  It's a case of not wanting to kick

myself latter should I break one, know what I mean?  I ain't trying to tempt fate!  The creamer is a

light blue Walter Dorwin Teague design in the Conversation pattern.  I've got a small set of this line

that I used to have available in The Green Shag Market a while back.  I pulled it out to make room for

something else at the time.  I'm kinda glad as now I have yet another piece to add to it now!  Like

Russel Wright, the color doesn't really matter since they all look great together and one can mix and

match them.  Maybe I'll gather them all up and take the set back down to The Shag for another try.

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  1. Back in the day a compass was one of the first accessories to befit a new craft. Then, you had to adjust it with the little screws on the sides to make it read perfect. Most of them were integral lighted too. Very cool.

    The clay ware looks like stuff that the Native American tribes make and sell out west. I’ve seen a lot of this around Salt Lake in gift shops. - midmichigan