Friday, September 19, 2014

Did A Little Craigslist Shopping Last Night And Brought Home Lots Of Dining Options. This Paul McCobb - Irwin Collection By Calvin Dining Set Had Sat On C-list For Nearly A Week Before I Noticed It! Luckily, I Was The Buyer Who Was The First To Suss It Out. Status: Gone.


I recall taking a passing look at this dining set on craigslist Wednesday evening and not thinking much about it but then it passed my eyes again a little later and I noticed the brass bracing under the chairs and table.  I'd seen that before.  Paul McCobb.  Five minutes of research later and I was firing off an email!


It was late and I was sure that, even though it had been sitting on craigslist for 6 days previous to this

new posting, it would already be snapped up by some other knowledgeable buyer.  This was the first

item that got me a little giddy in a while.  It's not often you find good solid Paul McCobb on craigslist

for a bargain price.  Sadly, the type of finish (that '70s speckled pecan) and the upholstery (egad) keep

this from being a super score.


Finish and upholstery aside, this is a great score.  It can easily be used as is since it is in great

structural condition with nary a hint of wobble in any of the chairs or the table.  Given that, it would

make a great candidate for a refinish and upholstery project.  This could be a BEAUTIFUL dining set

with a little elbow grease!  And you'd have YOUR choice of upholstery and a brand new finish...for a

Fraction of what you'd shell out for this from a shop or 1stDibs.


So yeah, I spotted it on craigslist last night and shot off the email asking the seller to call me this

morning if it hadn't already been sold.  I was pleasantly surprised to take that call at 10am!  Of course

the seller woke me out of a dead sleep, but I didn't let on.  I don't want Everybody to know what a

slacker I am.  I got the coordinates and headed out the door...only to remember that I had just picked

up a couple other items the night before after work.  They had to come out of Frank if I was to have

any hope of stuffing all of this in there.  Then I had to go to the bank for fundage.  After picking up

the set and Tetris-ing it all into the car I headed straight to the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur where I

took these pics and installed the set in booth 307 before heading home, showering and going into

work.  Whew...just another day in paradise!


  1. I actually like the fabric, it's kinda groovy! :)

  2. I am loving the fabric as well!

  3. Do you still have this? It's been a while but still says available above.

    1. Hi anonymous.

      Sorry, it's gone. I should have changed that before now. Thanks for reading and commenting.