Friday, September 12, 2014

Wanna See What $8.50 Got Mr. Modtomic At The Goodwill This Afternoon? No, It Wasn't An Epic Haul But Neither Was It Too Shabby For An Unscheduled Stop. Status: Satisfied.


You KNOW Mr. M cannot resist some silver fade Dorothy Thorpe style bar ware! The funny thing is, they were half the price of the "rocks" glasses I picked up too. Both the cashier and myself could do little more than twist our faces up In bemusement and shrugg.


I didn't even care. Everything is so darn cheap anyway and it's a charity. Could you imagine

raising a stink about a dollar at the Goodwill?! Don't get me wrong, I've seen it happen, but

those folks must lack an ounce of shame. I wasn't irritated by them so much as thoroughly

embarrassed for them. I guess some people just ain't gonna be "gotten over on"!  But I

digress. Have ya ever seen a set of Rolly Pollys COMPLETELY chromed over like these? Me



I used to buy these retro planters all the time. They were like my gateway drug into the

world of thrifting and flea markets. I still got tons of 'em around though I've never planted a

single thing in any of them. Mostly I use them to keep loose change in. Of course I've

always fantasized about having a fresh herb garden on a window sill, but I'm too lazy to

actually pull it off.


This Hall / GE Refrigerator Dish was the score of the day. It wasn't cheap...except

everything was half off! So, OK...I guess it WAS cheap then. Still, I didn't know it was all half

off until the clerk started ringing me out. Here's the question...what's the deal with

refrigerator dishes? I mean, I get like the Pyrex covered fridge dishes and all, but did this

come WITH the new GE fridge or was it an accessory? What was stored in something like

this? Can you imagine buying Refrigerator Dishes today?


  1. refrigerator dishes were Tupperware; you put leftovers in them

  2. We had mostly stretch wrap and some Tupperware products to keep food in the refrigerator but these products were meant to be sold with the appliance as an accessory.

    Check out the “other products” section:

    Oh, and if you wanted a hot meal you’d better be home when it was served. No fast food joints and no microwaves. If you missed out, you stood over the stove, stirring your chow in a pan or put it in the oven. -midmichigan

  3. I collect Hall pitchers, teapots and some ref. ware, very colorful and love the streamline look.