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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gaaaahhh!!! It's Friday! Anybody Up For A Drive To Vegas? Just Kidding. Ain't Nothin' Out There But Empty Houses These Days Anyway. Anybody Know To What I'm Referencing Anyway? Status: Gonzo...Bloggerism?


I've gotten pretty accustom to keeping and supplying a booth at an antique mall but this is only the third time I've had the "pleasure" of preparing for a one day flea market style outdoor sale.  The photo above is of the inside of my brain right about now!


Wait a minute!  That's not my brain, that's Ralph Steadman's illustration for Hunter S.

Thompson's Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas!  I got this print (? - it's textured...wierd) at

an estate sale last weekend.  I loved the book and the movie was trippy.  One of Johnny

Depp and / or Benicio Del Toro's best movies! 


Also bright red, another patent vinyl red ice bucket!  Talk about a POP of color!  You know

what else these are good for?  Stick a couple of beers in one of these and fill with ice.  Beer

Bucket!  I bet you could fit 6 longnecks in here top down. 


This little cuttie pie came home with me from the Salvation Army a couple weeks ago when

I picked up the Mersman corner table.  It's a little rough but it's well built and I can see the

potential in it.  The sliding glass doors are nice and thick.  I'm thinking that I might line the

inside with this wall paper that I got at a goodwill a few years ago.  I picked up the wall

paper thinking I'd find a good use for it some day.  Maybe this is it?!


It might be a little while before I get that project going though. I got so much on my proverbial

plate at the moment. Work, Booth, Blog, uhm...everything else! You know it's hard out here

for a Mistah! Not really...it's awesome out here! Just wait 'til ya see what stupid coolness I

picked up tonight after work!

1 comment:

  1. Hope you have a fabulous flea market sale and go home empty handed except for a load of cash!!!!! It's much lighter than furniture!!!