Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday Was TRULY A Day Of Rest For Mr. Modtomic. Well, Mostly. I Just Can't Stop Myself From Checking The Traps! Status: Issues, I know.


Yup, check that bad boy out. A JenYouWine rewards card for thrift shopping! So the question is...is that amazing...or just sad? Geez, I can't decide! Pshhh...what am I thinking, It's awesome. And I can't even remember what the Reward is!

Oh well, I'll ask again next time I'm at a St. Vincents thrift store. I'm sure it won't be long.

Like I said, even on a day after loading and unloading two wagon loads of stuff for the parking

lot sale I still went to the two local thrifts stores that are open on Sunday here in North County.


It wasn't an epic haul day by any means. Just an average day with some good stuff. The

Girlfreind actually found this lamp. She's pretty good at whipping through and finding stuff like

this pretty quickly. It's a great lamp but it didn't come with that shade and it certainly needs

a new cord! All easy fixes.


I also found a nice Kromex aluminum Art Deco ice bucket. I've already got one just like it for

the bar but I don't got one for the antique mall booth. How can I possibly make an acceptable

Greyhound at the booth if don't have an Art Deco ice bucket there?


Aaaannnd...I got a great little lamp shade! Unfortunately it's a bit to short for the lamp the

Girlfriend found. Maybe if I find a shorter harp. It's actually off a lamp that would have a bowl

around the bulb. Note the dummy brass finial. It's kinda cool, no? It's just a little something

extra. Too bad none of this stuff came from a St. Vincents. I'd be well on my way to getting

that card filled up.


  1. I am on a roll...a blog roll to add lots of vintage, retro, collectibles blogs to my blog roll and ask others to add my blog Kitsch n Stuff to their blog rolls.

    Is there anyway you could ask your blog friends if they would like to participate? THANKS


  2. The rewards card is for every $10 you spend you get a stamp and when your card is filled up, it's worth $10. I think it's great!

  3. "checking the traps"....haha, I love it! It *is* like that, isn't it? That rewards card is the bomb-diggity. And a little sad ;-)


  4. Maybe they could use some vintage S&H Green Stamps when you buy! Hey, free rewards for thrifting! Nothing wrong with that!!

  5. I'm a sucker for lamps and that is a beauty. The card = Awesome! Wish we had that here.

  6. Don't knock the stamp cards. GW and ARC both do this in my area. It forces me to max out my purchases (MUST FIND SOMETHING FOR REMAINING .75!), and makes it painless to buy sillier items. I don't need to justify purchasing yet another tiki mug when it's FREE.