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Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Orleans Vintage Shop Crush. Lil' Place Called Peaches on Magazine Street. Status: This Long Distance Thing Just Won't Work Out.


This little shop on Magazine Street was a little rough around the edges but definitely had the goods where it counts. If you happen to get down to the Big Easy you might wanna stop by and check it out.


I still can't really afford to buy much from places like this but if you are looking for

Really Good Stuff, this is one of the places you're gonna find it! If you are reading

this blog I'm sure that Peaches will have Something you'd love to take home with




This is just one of the three or four great "retro" shops on Magazine street. You

might remember Neophobia from last November. I'll have a couple of postings of a

few others later. Plus there are other antique shops and all kinds of good food

along Magazine street.



The lighting in the place and the presentation of the stock could use a little

attention but that's not really why you'd go to Peaches. It's all about the stuff. Plus,

some of us like the idea of a shop that looks like you're "discovering" that special

item. I'm a junk shop kinda guy. I'd be in heaven hanging out with the guys from

American Pickers!






You can find some of Peaches items on the New Orleans Criagslist sometimes.


  1. Now I get that song about knowing what it means to miss New Orleans. I totally miss not being able to go to this shop. The blue chairs make my little heart go pitter pat!

  2. Fabulous. Love that wire base lamp in the window and the orange sofa. Great store! I must go to N.O.

  3. Wow! i love those Blue chairs! those things would be sweet to have!

  4. We're planning a RetroRoadmap getaway to Nola in October - I'm putting this place on our map right now. Thanks for the tip!