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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last "Live" Post For a While. I'm Headed to New Orleans for a Few Days. This One is Time Sensitive So It Gets Done Today. Status: I Cannot Believe The Price.


This....THIS....this Basic Witz china cabinet is (was?) at the South City Salvation Army and OMG...it was sooooo cheap.


Really!?!? $20?!?! I already had a car full of stuff that I bought earlier in the day

and I'm leaving for New Orleans in the morning! I couldn't pull the trigger. Sigh. If

you are reading this and you can...you should Go Buy This! Call first though.

Make sure it's still there. It's in pretty good shape. There are a few bumps and

bruises here and there...mostly on the side of the upper part and a scratch on the

top of the credenza. The front looked fine.



Also stopped by the Habitat For Humanity ReStore and spotted some sweet Steel

Cabinets. I bought the two small upper cabinets. I got some plans for them. Maybe

make some cool nightstands with some hairpin legs out of them. Not sure yet. And

check out that cool chrome floor lamp! It was $50.


  1. WOW! i really like that Chrome floor lamp and those china cabinets were only $20?! thats unbelievable!

  2. I'm overdue a trip to New Orleans. I envy you! Be safe and have fun.