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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Was the Cordial Caddie Maybe a Little Too "Frou-Frou" For Ya? Couldn't Relate? Are You More of a Shot Drinker? Maybe a Whiskey-N-Rocks? Status: Got Ya Covered!


Yeah yeah yeah, more smalls. I know. Not every haul is going to be some spectacular big item! And c'mon, we all know it's the tasty libations that make life good!


Neah, I talk a big game but I drink very little anymore. Mostly wine unless we are

having a party. Then all bets are off! I found the shot caddie sans shot glasses at

the Salvation Army Thrift store a couple weeks ago and didn't really know what it

was for. The starburst rocks glasses were found at the same store. Can't have too

many starburst glasses!


When I dragged them out today to shoot them I looked at the caddie and tried to

think what would fit in that weird little thing. Luckily I just happen to have a bunch

of freshly washed shot glasses sitting on the bar. I shrugged and dropped one in.

"Ah ha!". Mystery solved. These are all going to get some use this spring at our

parties! I love this stuff!



  1. Love the glasses with the stars on them!
    Gotta love the little things too, they can sure make your day.
    Have a great day,Sherry :o)

  2. I think smalls are highly underestimated. You can have the best furniture in the world, but unless it's tastefully appointed, it just looks like furniture sitting in a room. From a practical standpoint, you can find great deals on smalls all day and all night on eBay, because a lot of people don't know what they have and list their smalls for a fraction of their value.

  3. Sherry - Starbursts are great. Luckily there are lots of these at the thrift stores around here.

    Dana - The retro shops around town seem to do pretty good on their smalls. I guess it's something that is easy to buy and you can carry it out of the shop in a bag.