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Sunday, March 27, 2011

If Ya Don't Have A Washer and Dryer at Home Ya Might be Lucky Enough To Have a Laundromat Near Home With Some Cool Mid Century Accoutrements Like These! Status: Well Appointed


Cool colors in some and neat seating in others. You don't have to be somewhere special to enjoy your surroundings!


This laundry facility is in Chicago. We were walking up the street from our friends

place to get some tacos (fish! best I ever had) when I spotted the seating in this

place. It looked so cool that I HAD to shoot a few pics. The taco stand was really

nice too. I took some pics there too. It was all outdoor seating and really nice. This

is the patio cover. I'd love to have such a cool patio cover!


Then, about a week ago, I stopped by the St. Charles antique mall and stuck my

camera inside this Laundomat.


How many laundromats have steer horns on the wall? That alone is pretty cool.

But the coolest thing is how many Shell Chair seats are in this place!


I can remember seeing a lot of these when I was a kid. You don't see them too

much anymore. They've all been replaced with newer seats I guess. They aren't

Herman Miller though. They are just another knock off.


They are marked Sol-O-Matic on the bottom. They have the right shape though.

I'd be happy to have a set of them for the patio or the front porch! I wouldn't have

to worry about them getting messed up or stolen.


  1. love it! there are definitely some super cool laudromats.. makes killing time much easier :)

  2. Hmmm, Looks like just a couple of bolts holding those shells...

  3. I've seen similar laundromats that also had very cool hairpin legged fiberglass tables for clothes folding.