Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling Kinda Basic Today. Thought I'd Share These Hard Working Blue Collar Bar Stools With Ya. Status: Available...Dependable...and a little Sexy in a "workin' on the car" sorta way?


So maybe they ain't from some frozen European country and they ain't sporting some fancy pants accent...but when your kid runs his (or her) Tonka truck into them, they ain't gonna cry to Momma. Good Ol' American Steel, baby. Remember, it's the backbone of the Nation.

Got ya feeling patriotic yet? Or are you just giggling at my lame attempt? But for

real, not everything cool or "easy on the eyes" (I hesitate to call them beautiful) is

Scandinavian inspired or Danish Modern derived. How come we never use or hear

the term American Modern? Is there such a thing in these things we love? Would

these stools qualify? They have a sorta Space Age thing in the tapered and

splayed legs. Steel, Chrome and Vinyl...doesn't that pretty much describe every

American car from the 50's and 60's, and weren't they just about the most

American and Modern things you could buy? Does this sound like a rant? How

many questions can I ask in one post about a simple set of four American Modern

bar stools? I don't know...I just....don't know....


Anyway, I've got an ad up on the New Orleans Craigslist as we are heading down

there for our Spring Break (19th - 23rd [ish]) and I like to bring a load of St. Louis

goodies with a mid century Santa...but one that gets paid for the

presents. I had a buyer ask about the Pink Bar Stools but balked at the price so I

offered to pull these out of the Garage and send her some pics to see if she might

be interested in these instead. Unfortunately she already has a set similar to

these. No sale. The good news is that, since I then already had them out, I could

clean them up a little and shoot some pics for you and to put them on my ad

proper. So here they are and yes, they are available!



  1. Actually, I love these. I think they're everything a bar stool should be...tall and sturdy. I'm not sure I get the concept of a bar stool that looks like some kind of fancy chair. If I want to lounge, I sit in a real chair with my feet up on an ottoman.

  2. I LOVE THEM!!! What are you asking for them? They go better with my chrome kitchen chairs and
    table! Not everybody is into vintage WOOD dining everything,some of us still like the shiny. When are you heading out West?

  3. Mr. Modtomic - you may want to check this guy out on Facebook. He has a Heywood-Wakefield step table, not the exact model you are looking for but you never know.

  4. Dana - These are some serious get some drinking done barstools!

    Anony - I don't know when I'll be heading back out to the west coast. Probably not this summer though.

    Kate - Thanks for the lead! I don't have a facebook account though. I do have the same step end table, dresser and vanity (although in a diff. finish and I have the mirror for the vanity).