Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grabbed Up Some Goodies This Afternoon Down The Street at the Thrift Stores. Wood, Metal and Glass! Status: Amazing Condition!


I had to get my Thrift Fix today so the Girlfriend and I went out to check the traps. Didn't find anything HUGE but I found a few useful vintage items. Most of the stores (we hit the six closest to home) seem to be thin on inventory. Weird. I can't think of a reason why this might be. Coincidence I guess. I hope.


A mere $3 brought this cheese and cracker serving dish home.  Looks like it's

never been used!  Items like these really set the "Look" when you have a party or

just guests.  It's awesome when these are "as new"!  You might find something like

this a Crate and Barrel or ::shivers:: Ikea, but it ain't gonna cost $3!


I can just remember going to parties with my parents when I was little in the mid

seventies and seeing items like these being used circa "current".   Wow, I had no

idea that I'd be driving all around town trying to recreate their lifestyle!  I'm just

happy that (apparently) a lot of people bought or received these and never used



Can I interest you in some cheese and crackers?

DSCN1221  Then how about a Cordial?


This little Cordial Caddie was $4.  Another bargain!  And useful too.  A good host

has to be able to bring the libations to his (or her) people, doing it efficiently just

makes good sense!  I wish I had two of these.  But then, even at a good size party

you won't get too many Cordial Customers.  Thanfully I have a caddie or two that

can carry bottles of beer!


Mmmmm....don't that look tasty and refreshing?  It'll make you giggle a little too, if

you are in the right mood.  My current favorite is Tuaca.  It's very smooth and

sweet with taste of Carmel.  It's also got a pretty good kick with 35% alcohol /




  1. um... adorable :) the cheese and cracker dish great!

  2. Nice finds! I don't think I've ever seen a cheese server like that one. The use of glassware in caddies by hosts/hostesses allowed for multi-tasking before multi-tasking was cool :)

  3. That's a pretty sweet cheese server, and I like the glass caddy. You keep raking in the finds!

  4. ugh, I passed that cheese tray up I think, is it attached to the glass on the bottom, because I thought I saw it by itself. why does it look so much better in your photo then it did at the goodwill? let me know if you decide to sell it, maybe we could do a trade or something.

  5. Bandi - Thanks, I love 'em!

    K4M - Yea, before multitasking had a name!

    Dana - They're all just sittin' there waiting for me to pick them up.

    Anony / Sue - Why didn't you pick it up?!?! You gotta be able to see it out of the thrift store context.