Monday, March 14, 2011

It Was Soooo Warm And Sunny Yesterday That I Thought For Sure I'd Be Grilling Out Today. Status: Bbbbbrrrrrrrrr, It Got Cold Out Again!


Oh what a tease.  The weather can be a cruel mistress.  Warm on Friday (when everybody else was off at work!) and Saturday (I at least had that day off!) but right back to cold and cloudy Sunday.  As a matter of fact, it just started snowing.  Yuck.  No BBQ today.

But I still wanted to show off the Cherry Red Weber I got a few weeks ago at an

estate sale. It's just so sweet. It looks almost new. Check out the real wood handle

on the lid. You won't find this on a new grill down at the hardware store. The

wheels are metal too. The handles on the side are different. The new ones are

just a bent piece of metal with plastic handles bolted on. These are formed and

welded handles. They might get hot but they look much more sculpted and



Yeah, I of course got a protective cover for it! Even though I keep it in the garage.




It's in such great shape that it looks like a year old reproduction...if they made

reproductions! Speaking of year old Weber Kettles, I'd love to find a lightly used

bright green Weber that Crate and Barrel sold last year. I have one of the Smokey

Joe little kettles in that color but balked at the price of the big one.


I, by the way, have not cleaned this at all. This is what it looked like when I bought

it! The sellers at the estate sale said it had only been used twice!


  1. So cool. Wish Weber would make the colored enamel finishes more widely available again. I'd take a red one ocer black any day. Here's the well worn version of yours in my neighbor's yard:

  2. That is a sweet grill! I favor that orange one that was at the Modernism Show that you posted not too long ago.

  3. Yay for grilling!! on our Chicago trip yesterday we ate at the Weber grill restaurant. grill heat lamps and piles of empty Kingsford bags made me miss warm weather even more...

  4. Nathan - There is a certain charm to a well used but still active Weber like the Red Kettle in your neighbors yard. Weber has been offering a number of interesting color choices lately. Have you seen the Crate And Barrel "Grass" Green version? I don't know if it will be available again this summer and it was REALLY expensive. Dan has one (the bastard!). I opted for the $50 Smokey Joe version in the same color. Oddly, in Europe you can get some REALLY cool colors, like White!

    Fizzle - I spotted one of those orange grills like the one at the Cincinnati Modernism show on the Chicago Craigslist for a $100. I was headed up there to visit the Girlfriends Grandmother for the weekend and just never got around to calling them. When I finally did, it was sold. Sad. By the way, it's called a Ball-B-Que.

    Bandi - I gotta try that place next time I'm up there. Have you ever tried Heaven On Seventh? It's a Cajun Spicy place. Great food. I haven't been there in too long! But we are heading to New Orleans next weekend so I'm sure I can find some good food somewhere (Domilise's anybody?) down there!

  5. OMG! I need one of those now! I will find one someday! :D They look so awesome just sitting there! I wish I could find one for $100 on craigslist lol but you never know where u will find one.

  6. Fizzle - It's true...I bet one of us finds one at an estate sale this summer! If you ever watch a rerun of That 70's Show you can see one on the Foreman's patio along with a nice set of Homecrest mod patio furniture.

  7. Love the grills! Thanks for sharing the great photos. There's a bunch of like-minded Weber kettle cookers here:

    Come join us!