Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last "Live" Post For a While. I'm Headed to New Orleans for a Few Days. This One is Time Sensitive So It Gets Done Today. Status: I Cannot Believe The Price.


This....THIS....this Basic Witz china cabinet is (was?) at the South City Salvation Army and was sooooo cheap.


Really!?!? $20?!?! I already had a car full of stuff that I bought earlier in the day

and I'm leaving for New Orleans in the morning! I couldn't pull the trigger. Sigh. If

you are reading this and you should Go Buy This! Call first though.

Make sure it's still there. It's in pretty good shape. There are a few bumps and

bruises here and there...mostly on the side of the upper part and a scratch on the

top of the credenza. The front looked fine.



Also stopped by the Habitat For Humanity ReStore and spotted some sweet Steel

Cabinets. I bought the two small upper cabinets. I got some plans for them. Maybe

make some cool nightstands with some hairpin legs out of them. Not sure yet. And

check out that cool chrome floor lamp! It was $50.


  1. WOW! i really like that Chrome floor lamp and those china cabinets were only $20?! thats unbelievable!

  2. I'm overdue a trip to New Orleans. I envy you! Be safe and have fun.