Friday, March 18, 2011

Got Up Early This Morning to Pick Up a Cool Table And Stopped By the Salvation Army St. Chuck. Status: Always Something Good!


Found this Amazing setting for Four of Franciscan Duet this morning. I'm not a morning person but I guess it pays to get up early! I snatched this set up, but there's plenty of cool goodies left for the picking. See more inside!


Ain't it pretty? Franciscan Duet is the pattern. I poked around on eBay and it's

considerably cheaper to collect than the Franciscan Starburst but uses the same

shaped pieces (as far as I can tell). I've never seen this pattern in real life and

only in passing on the internet but was immediately smitten by it when I saw it

sitting there on that shelf. Two roses...get it? Duet! All the pieces look to be in

great condition and there is a full setting for four plus a chop plate, serving platter,

covered butter dish, gravy boat and an ashtray. Not a bad haul. I'll have a full

posting on it later.



I know that the pattern on this Davenport / Hide-a-bed might be kinda off putting

for some but it might just work for someone with a sense of Retro Adventure! It's in

great condition and at just $50 it's an excellent candidate for re-upholstery or a

slip cover. I almost picked it up myself!


Also spotted was a great little nightstand or side table / lamp table by Dixie. I know

a guy in New Orleans who has a matching dresser to this. I tried to call him when I

spotted this, since I'm headed there this weekend, but I couldn't find him. So if you

hurry, this might still be there too.


Then there were a couple of other strange and wonderful smalls that caught my

eye and I thought you might like to ponder.



I've never been a fan of the Mustard color but surely someone can show some

love for these vintage dishes! And I've never seen plastic cup / saucers like these

before. I'm not sure what to make of them. They look kinda cool and are made in

the USA. The Girlfriend tells me the glass teapot is for steeping loose leaf tea. It's

a weird piece but it has a cool shape and I love the handle. The blue and white

coffee / cocoa set was unmarked but didn't strike me as "homemade" like you

sometimes know, with someone's name or initials and a date scratched

into the bottom.


  1. I must have a sense of 'retro adventure' because I think the chair is great! Could also be used in my imaginary tiki room.

  2. I think the fabric on that couch is so Retro~Fantastic....I wouldn't recover it at all....I sure wish there were decent Salvation Army/thrift stores in my area of the country in Central Arkansas....

  3. Wow!! check out that couch! It's so flamboyant! I wish it was a solid 50's color though then I think it would look better... I like most things in solid color or in plaid but I don't thing plaid would work as well on that couch. I think a nice orange would make it look even better and that would kinda match my new milo baughman lounger! and i like those blue dishes too!

  4. Your Salvation Army amazes me. We found a Lou Hodges table at one in our area the other day, but we definitely don't find something good every time we go like you do at yours.

  5. I am SO JEALOUS of your Goodwill!!! The only stuff that I can find around here is bad 70's particleboard stuff. I need to go into Massachusetts to find the good Mid-Mod stuff.

  6. Holy heck, I want that couch so badly!!

  7. I love the fabric on this, wouldn't change it except to add some fun funky retro pillows.