Monday, March 7, 2011

I ALMOST Didn't Get This Saturday at the Thrift Store. It Wasn't Even On The Floor Yet! Status: Taking It's Rightful Place.


I'm just now posting because once again, I'm just getting home from work. And since the Sun is going to come up in about 10 minutes, I though I'd share this new addition to the clock collection. Sunburst Clock!


We made our rounds to the most convenient thrift store Saturday (my one day off

this weekend unfortunately...but it was my own don't wanna know) and

you've already seen the other vintage items I managed to find. This very nearly

alluded my grasp as it wasn't on the floor yet or even priced. I spotted it in a bin

just inside the doorway to the back room and asked if it had a price yet. It didn't so

I just sorta gave up. Then I showed it to the Girlfriend and she told me to go ask

the manager, who she saw was standing near the door, if they might be able to

price it for me. Viola, the clock was mine! And it looks, much like my other finds

from Saturday, like new! I don't yet know if it's accurate...I guess "time will tell". Get

it? "Time will tell"!!!



  1. Wow, gorgeous! Congrats!! That's how I found my starburst clock too - it wasn't even off the bin yet.

  2. WOW! Your starburst clock is beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful fine!!! Lovely

  3. Nice find! Neither of mine keep right time. Actually one did but then the battery case cracked so now it doesn't. I've seriously got to get a clock up somewhere that functions!

  4. Rhan - Now THAT's being the early bird!

    Sherry - Thanks so much. Welcome to the blog!

    Vintage H - One of my flip clocks doesn't keep proper time. That's so weird. I bought a cheap battery operated wall clock yesterday to use the clock mechanism out of. I'm thinking I'll take the plug in electric mech. out of this clock and replace it with the battery unit.

  5. I would definitely have asked. Very nice.

    that's how I got my turquoise 1956 Electrolux with all of it's parts and about 20 bags....for $8. I love it!

    Ask and you shall receive.