Friday, March 25, 2011

More Awesome Coolness at the Salvation Army in St. Charles. The Wild Print Sofa Was Gone But There Was Plenty To Replace It. Status: Fast Becoming THE Thrift Score Shop?


Dang, there was a lot of cool furniture at the St. Charles Salvation Army this afternoon! We stopped by since we were in the neighborhood picking up project supplies at a place called Leftovers, Etc. for the Girlfriends work. It's a neat place for all you crafty folks! Anyway, check out the cool stuff that found it's way to the Salv. Army.


That's a good lookin' chair, right? I didn't see a price tag on it but it didn't look like

anybody was buying it up. I came real close to dragging it home with me. It needs

a little tightening up as some of the joints were kinda loose but the upholstery

looked great. Again...not for everybody. Kinda wild. Kinda crazy.



Need a swivel club chair? Maybe you could use this bright and popping seat! It

has a little wear on the piping on the right arm but it doesn't stick out like a sore

thumb. I think it could be lived least if you could the crazy print!


Hows about a retro cedar chest? I'm digging the asymmetrical design and the

limed oak finish. Too bad we already got our chest. I would have thought real hard

about bringing this home. Why do you suppose they included locks on most of

these? I thought that things were different in the old days and you could leave

your front door open when you left for Europe or whatever. This would also look

great repainted.



black legsred legs

I've been thinking real hard about getting into this market. This is a beautiful sofa

to begin with but with a brush and a can of paint the eclectic modern side could be

brought out. I wouldn't touch the upholstery since it's in such good condition. I'd

just figure out a cool color to paint the wood. Maybe Satin Black with Silver

accents? Check out these examples of a similar re-done sofa Here, a dresser of

similar design Here, another sofa Here, and a table turned desk Here.



This would make a great TV stand or used as intended as a small china hutch. I

didn't see any glass for the doors sitting around so you'd have to get some made

or live without. The drawers didn't slide out smooth but what do you want for $25?!

It's still a cool bookshelf or whatever! Just a little too rough for Mr. Modtomic. I'm

getting a bit picky. Then again the Garage is pretty "well stocked" (ridiculously full)

these days.


  1. You would be great at turning antique furniture
    into more modern cool! You have a good eye and your projects always look professional! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every morning!

  2. Love that first chair with the orange-y floral upholstery and the china cabinet thing. I would have taken both home. Your thrift stores kill me! I've been to 6 in the last 2 days and nothing, I mean NOTHING. ;(

  3. Oooh how i wish that our car was working :) I would love to see the St. Charles SA but it's too far away :( But maybe that's a good thing...

    Ps. Tanks for all the photos you upload, It's always fun to "browse" those places through your blog!!

  4. I am so jealous of all the shelving units you've been finding lately for great prices. I've been looking for one but never find one. I would've totally bought this one if i wasn't 3 hours away!