Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is What Was In The Back of Frank (the wagon) Yesterday. I Picked It Up Before Work So I Had To Take The Pics While On Break! Status: Oh The Lengths I Go To Share!


Wow, Right? I think I pissed off another potential buyer who was waiting at the sellers place when I arrived. I assume they were hoping I wouldn't show or I'd pass on buying the chair. Not A Chance! As a matter of fact, I paid double the asking price!


I think this would have been on eBay next week if I hadn't bought it yesterday. I'm

not 100% sure but I think the other potential buy was Momoderne. Whoever they were they

left as soon as I made the deal.



According to this auction site it's an Adrian Pearsall design made by Craft

Associates. Sweeeet! I think this is a keeper! Dag, I'm finding too many "keepers"!

The seller listed it on craigslist for just $25. ::shakes head:: I can't BELIEVE I

managed to snag it. I spotted the ad last night when I got home from work. The ad

had only been up for a couple hours and just described it as a "vintage chair".

Without seeing the picture I might have passed it by, but I shot an e-mail off as

fast as I could offering $50 for the chair. The seller had a phone number in the ad

but it was about 11pm so I thought I better not call. She answered my email about

20 minutes later and we worked out the details. Score! Still, I had to get up and

out of bed early this morning to go claim my prize, and I am not a morning person.

So I paid even a little more than double the asking if you ask me.


  1. Screech! It is gorgeous!
    It looks like it's in fabulous condition.

  2. UH-mazing!!!!! very impressive indeed!

  3. What a great snag! I probably would have offered double too if I really wanted to get that! Timing is everything too! It feels good though to triumph over some other potential buyer!

  4. That is one beautiful chair. You'd better keep it!

  5. OMG...that's amazing! You did goooood!

  6. O.M.G. that is an incredible chair! WOW!!!

  7. I love this site and you're pretty funny. I only love this site though because we live far away from each other. If you lived nearby I would hate you. It would be strictly sour grapes, but I would still hate you lol.

  8. Hey I was going to buy that chair! (And FYI I'm not Momoderne). My husband and I were actually not too happy with the CL seller. We talked to her early in the morning and she told us it was still available since a potential buyer (you, I am assuming) had not shown up. So, my hubby made a nearly 2 hour round trip and wasted all that gas to get it. Too bad for us you didn't show up a few minutes later. Stop getting all the good stuff will you. The last anonymous post said it perfect, sour grapes!

  9. This really is a beautiful chair! I love the upholstery. It looks like it's in fantastic condition, too. The Atlanta Craigslist is so depressing compared to yours...

  10. Wow - gorgeous chair! That would look fantastic in my family room (if you ever decide it's not a keeper!) Great score.

  11. I saw the CL post a bit after 10 o'clock that night. I just KNEW I would be seeing this chair right here in a couple of days.. :)

  12. That chair is a beauty.

    Sometimes CL sellers suck. I go out of my way to not have this type of thing happen. But, I guess I'm a little more relaxed about giving time for the original buyer to show up.

  13. Moon D - The chair is about an 85 out of 100. Maybe even a 90. The upholstery is "pulled" here and there. I think I can fix it with some sharp shears or a sweater shaver.

    Bandi - I know!

    Mr. Fiz - Getting the chair felt pretty good but not pulling the rug out from the Anonymous other buyer who commented above. I hope they didn't waste their trip to St. Louis. I drove down to a nearby Salv. Army and found that Basic Witz china cab that same day. I would have been happy to turn them on to other places to check out before heading back home.

    mono G - I think I am keeping it...for now.

    Dana - Wouldn't it look good in your shop?

    Rhan - Keep in mind that it wasn't labeled as anything too special on craigslist. Sometimes you gotta Dig these beauties out.

    Anony 1 - Isn't there's enough to go around? Can't we all just get along? ;)

    Anony 2 (other buyer) Sorry for your bad experience. The seller seemed very nice. She even offered and GAVE me a cool Scandinavian sofa frame (that needs cushions) for free. I understand why now (you were a bit miffed) but both she and I were kinda surprised buy the way you just left without saying anything. At the time I actually though you were WITH the seller. I was surprised that the seller, a young lady, would have two strangers (both men) in her home by herself. It wasn't until the seller asked if I had seen where you went that I realized that you were there to buy as well.

    This was a tough situation for you. When you as a buyer spot an undervalued item like this chair but are told that it might be spoken for (we all know about flakey c-list buyers), you feel like you have to be ready to strike if the first buyer flakes out. I'd have probably done the same thing. Hedging your bets is a good idea but it doesn't always work out.

    adriane - I poked around on the ATL c-list and it looks pretty good to me! The following links will likely be invalid soon but how about a Cool Mid-Century Sofa, Chair and Table for $150? Or a set of Four cool Thonet Bentwood Dining Chairs for just $165? Perhaps a great Tulip Table with Four Retro Chairs for $275? Need an interesting coffee table? This ad looks pretty good! I want the one that looks like a half globe of wood. Oooo...and it's a little pricey but still looks like a good deal to me--Teak Wall Unit for $300. Here's a nice Ikea (I think) tulip table and killer chairs for just $200. And check this out! Look hard for the Bertoia Side Chair in this ad!

    Vintage H - Hmmm...maybe someday, but not for now!

    Laura H - ...and you didn't snatch it up?

    denise - Sometimes they do suck. I had a seller tell me they had a better offer after we had made firm arrangements to meet when I called to let them know I was on my way a couple of times. Then they were all like, well...if you wanna beat their offer... C-list isn't eBay. If you agree to a deal it should be a DONE deal. I've screwed myself by agreeing to a discount on an item or three then getting a "full asking" offer before the discount buyer closed. I try to NEVER go back on a confirmed sale, but every situation is different. Some day I'm gonna write up MY craigslist etiquette! I haven't yet seen one that deals with the minutia that I would like to have ironed out.