Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The First Day of Spring is Just Around The Corner and Look...The Tulips Are Here! Status: Coming Into Full Bloom


I made sure to take some pics of this chair BEFORE the Make-over even though I had no idea at the time that I might one day start a daily blog concerning this cool furniture! Look how sad and ugly. Click through to see it all gussied up!


And viola! Spring is here! This is what the same chair looks like today. It's already

got a shot of primer and a few coats (sanding between each) of rattle can white

but it'll get a few more coats before I'm satisfied. But it'll pretty much look like this

when done. I haven't shot the underside of the seat yet so you can still see the

grey of the primer. I could have (maybe should have) taken it to an automotive

paint shop and had it shot with some tougher paint but this isn't going to be

banged around a lot. And for real, it started as a simple project to show potential

buyers what these chairs would look like if refinished. I had Nine of these and

Three tables. All but this last lonely chair have gone on to other homes. I guess I

didn't need to show anybody their potential after all!

Before Base DetailDSCN1248

The seat was a simple strip and replace job. The padding was in good shape and

re-used. I pulled the faded stained green fabric off and used it to cut out the new

mod floral fabric cover. Stapling it in place was pretty easy but time consuming. I'm

very particular about how an upholstery job looks. You know how you can just tell

when an upholstery job was done by an amateur? I try REAL hard to never let that

be said of my efforts. It's all about the pleats and taking your time.








  1. Looks sweet! I wish I had gotten my hands on some of the other chairs.

  2. New to your blog - so much to see and admire. Really liking your finds and your blog.

  3. Wow... looks wonderful! Like the new fabric too!

  4. I always Liked those tulip chairs though Ive never seen one in person... The best I have done is find a lone Chromcraft chair at the South County Antique Mall the other day...

  5. Nice work on the restoration. I always coveted Pam at Retro Renovation's tulip chairs and now I'll add you to the envy list!

  6. Dana - I bought all those in the middle of winter. I sat on them for months with no bites, then spring came and they were all gone in no time!

    DHH - Welcome to the blog!

    Bandi - It really turned out nice.

    Sherry - I bought a bunch of that fabric for cheap hoping to find a suitable project for it. I still have lots left obviously.

    Fizzle - These pop up from time to time on the list and at the antique mall. Try the two on Big Bend!

    Lisa - When I spotted those chairs I was thinking how I'd have a set like Pam's finally! They just weren't as high a quality as the set she used to have. I prefer her Ex-set. Her new (vintage) set is a little higher end than these too but I liked how her other set hid the seat mounting hardware. I still envy her though!