Monday, March 21, 2011

So Friday I Picked Up That Awesome Adrian Pearsall Chair Before Work, But Thursday I Managed to Grab This Herman Miller Eames Table Before Work! Status: Losing Sleep Rocks!


I know, it's not as outrageous as the Pearsall chair yesterday, but it's a good solid find. These dining tables never go out of style! This is what I picked up before I stopped by the Salv. Army thrift store and picked up the new set of Franciscan the other day. Hey, I've got the perfect set of chairs to go with it...if anybody's interested!


It still even has it's Herman Miller labels and date stamp on the bottom of the top.

I'm guessing this spent a good part of it's life at IBM! "Think" (It's an IBM thing).


I think this is what is called a "contract base". I love the sculpted shape of the legs

and feet. They are aluminum so If one was so inspired, they could be polished up

to a mirror finish! Also I've seen this table shortened into a coffee table before.

Wow, both the panache of having a Herman Miller Eames piece and the durability

of a Formica top on your coffee table! I think this will be available shortly. It would

also match up nicely with a set of my Saarinen Executive chairs.


  1. That is a pretty sweet table! I love things that have aluminum legs. My black Chromcraft chair has aluminum legs on it. I think that table looks pretty awesome and the IBM sticker gives it more character I think. I would leave it on there.

  2. Man, you've been on a roll lately! Good job!

  3. We've got this table for our "dining room" paired with Eames shell chairs. It is THE BEST TABLE EVER if you have a toddler. It's like a tank that cannot be damaged, in spite of her best efforts (think stickers, jelly, sand, paint, etc. etc.). I think your chairs would look great with it, too. I love the IBM stickers. Ours has "University System of Georgia" stickers on it, which we love because we both went to University of Georgia and my husband now works for Georgia State University. Good find!