Sunday, March 13, 2011

Had To Make a Little Trip To St. Chuck This Morning to Pick Up This Wonderful Oak Danish Lounge Sofa and Chair. Status: All Cleaned up and Ready For a New Home!


This was a hot mess when I picked it up this morning at a storage unit the seller was clearing out (so they could move to Australia! How lucky!). 50 years of dust and cob webs were swept away this beautiful afternoon under a wonderful sunny warm sky.

Edit! Gone as of 03-28-11.

Ahhh....what a beautiful day to clean up a great danish style oak lounge set. I

couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. I could work hard without sweating,

but wasn't stifled by having to wear a heavy coat either.


It's kinda rare to find a matching set of sofa and chair in the danish lounge style.

The vinyl cushions are in great condition and the color is nice and vibrant.

Unfortunately the Fagas straps are long gone. In there place the previous owner

placed plywood, which does the job providing a firm seat. New straps would likely

make the sofa and chair more cushy and comfortable though.




That's a nice detail under the arms and between the front and rear legs. Not

something you see on every one of these style sets. The front legs have end caps

of brass that could be shined up if one wanted to take the time. The Oak could be

refinished as well if someone had a free weekend or three. I'd never have the




Contact me through my ad if you think you'd like to give this a new and loving

home. But you'd better hurry, things tend to disappear quickly during the spring



  1. Great find! I seriously wish we lived closer!

  2. Son of a bitch. hahahha...I tried to buy this yesterday but you beat me to it!

  3. NICE!!!! It's becoming more and more of a challenge for me to keep from driving to St L.
    I would love to have this set.

  4. $320!!! I'm not sure what to think. The ad on craigslist was $70, AND it came with an end table. I know you have a passion for retro, and somewhat of an obsession for buying up these things, but grabbing up stuff like this that you have no intention of keeping just to flip to someone with a thick wallet.

    My nephew was going to put this on his sun porch and USE it. I'm just torn. I'm not sure if what you are doing here is great, just because you can get away with it, or simply a disservice to the rest of us.

  5. Congrats Mr. Mod I love that set! The woodwork is amazing!

  6. Sudha - It's pretty cool. I prefer the teak pieces that are a little more danish myself.

    Dana - Wanna meet me in New Orleans next weekend?

    Anony - Careful with the cursing! There was at least One Buyer before me who bowed out. It did look pretty rough in the storage unit.

    K4M - Come-n-get it!

    Anony - It was listed at an asking price of $70 but I paid $125 for the set. I offered more to the seller for them to let me come buy it after I got off work late at night or to hold it for me until the next morning. They did the right thing (I think) in offering it to the buyer(s?) who contacted them first then contacting me. I honored my offer even though they didn't really try to hold it for me or let me buy it after work. I felt like it was worth more than the $70 asking and franky would have been embarrassed to buy it for that! Also, $320 (for both) is my Asking price. I may or may not get that. If it sits in the garage all summer I'll probably start entertaining offers, and I'm always open to interesting trades!

    Rhan - I've never seen any side panels like that. You?

  7. This is a really lovely set. And I just wanted to point out that your asking price is very fair for a set that has been cleaned up and is in good condition. In Atlanta, that set would probably run at least double that (if not triple) in an antique mall and you'd still have to pay tax. You handled the anonymous comment gracefully, but I just wanted to put that out there, too. We see stuff on the Atlanta CL being sold by dealers that is absolutely bananas. $1500 Eames chairs, $900 couches that still need to be reupholstered, etc. You seem like a very fair businessman, and I think it's great (and logical) that you are able to have this successful side business. Just my two cents...

  8. Mr. Modtomic, I have these same pieces-one sofa and two chairs. They have fabric upholstery instead of the Naugahyde. AND they have the straps. The straps are in pretty bad shape, but they still exist.

    Do you have any extra information about them? I have them in storage right now, but it seems that they were make by Stanley furniture?

    I paid $70 for all three pieces together.

    Glad to see that they exist elsewhere in the world.


  9. Josh - I can't find a tag or mark on the set I have. The seller told me the cushions had been re-done in the '70s. I don't have any other info. Wish I did! Do you have tags on yours?

  10. adriane - Thanks for the words of support. I don't have a problem with comments that question my actions, especially when they are put so thoughtfully. Rants on the other hand...and cursing...unacceptable.

  11. I'm pretty sure that set used to belong to my neighbors in the 70's and ended up in my Mom's basement until she donated it. I bring it up every time I'm back in Florissant. It had the plywood, but no cushions. I used to sit on it when I was a kid and think how uncomfortable it was. I guess with cushions it might be o.k. hehe...