Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brick Street Antique Gallery...So Good I Had To Spread It Over Two Postings! Status: Whatcha' Waitin' For?!


I probably should have listed some sort of contact info yesterday but I was just too tired to remember. Check out an info page here. The address, hours and phone number are there if you are in need. The shop also has a Facebook page if you are into that.

Enough Talk...Now We Fight! Ok fighting...Mr. Modtomic is a Lover, not a fighter!

Enough Talk...Now We Look!


Ain't this a great Retro limed oak and orange vinyl dinette? And $250 is a great price when you

consider what you would get if you spent that on something new.


There were plenty of "loose" chairs and tables available. I'm digging that drop leaf table and

vintage institutional / school chairs can look great in the right space.


The mix of items was quite eclectic. I concentrated on the style of items that I would display in

my home but there was much much more!



This danish teak dining set was really pretty. I almost wanted to bring it home. It's a little

smallish but if you needed something for your kitchen, I think it might be just perfect. The green

vinyl looks great against the teak.


Formica dinettes and "atomic blast" lamps just scream The Fifties! This is the kinda cool stuff I

was expecting but just not so much of it!


That's a pretty nice end table. I've seen the style before though I don't know what company

made it. Looks like leather on the upper tier. Who wouldn't love to prop their feet up on the

hairpin and vinyl hassock? If pink isn't your thing it could easily be slip covered!


Aren't these some great mid century tea / serving carts? I've never seen a steel and chrome

one in lavender like this and the limed oak / blonde piece could be used as a portable bar!


There were so many cool smalls like pyrex and dishware. I couldn't take individual pics of

everything...though it seems like I did!


There was no shortage of great side or occasional chairs. The second one was only $25 but it

was a little wobbly. No big deal if you are handy or buying it just to look at!


More cool smalls. I'm wondering if that super vivid pink confetti mixing bowl is even vintage. It

might be one of those Rachael Ray reproductions. Hmmmm, her's seem to be less streaky.


I'm so loving that baby blue kerosene sad iron! And then there's all that baby blue dinner

ware...including some Russel Wright if I'm seeing correctly.


This casserole server was the first thing I snapped with the camera. I love the atomic warmer.

Then of course, everybody knows by now that I have weakness for Frankoma. Love the green

and brown.


With interest rates so low right now I was surprised to find TWO of these houses available

here! I don't think it would be the biggest investment of your life like I've been hearing though.

These would certainly be cheaper to furnish than the real thing though!


Yup, there's the other one! I'm loving this Paul Frankle style corner table, too. I have a Paul

Frankle bamboo sofa and chair that this would look great with. Some day I'll show it to ya'll.


Yea!!! PBN! Don't you have at least ONE? You really should have a couple!

So I hope you've enjoyed all the pics and the great items available at this joint! I gotta get back down there. I can't wait to see what they have next time.


  1. I would have been walking down the aisles squealing with glee. What a terrific place.

  2. I am loving those Orange Retro chairs/table and those Green chairs/table! They look so awesome! I still favor my Chomcraft table and chairs though ^_^