Friday, April 1, 2011

William Friedle...For Those Who Think Curtis Jere Is Sooooo Five Tweets Ago! Status: In Bloom And Available.


I picked up this pair of flower sculptures a few days ago from a craigslist seller who I also bought the Danish Nesting Tables and the Ib Kofod Larsen chair from. I didn't have any idea who "Friedle" was but the style was remarkably similar to the Curtis Jere stuff so I figured I should go ahead and buy it. Better safe than sorry!


Nice, right? These so fit the mod 60's style to a "T"! They have that industrial brutalist look to

them but the softness of nature at the same time. I was lucky in that one of the two pieces still

has it's signature sticker on it. Imagine how easily these could have been lost. Why wouldn't

they have been removed upon purchase? It's just a printed sticker! Like I said, lucky for

me...otherwise I might not have ever identified these pieces.



You can read a little paragraph about William Friedle here at the bottom of this page. There

are a few pieces of Friedle available on 1STDIBS as well but they all seem to be slightly larger

objects and we all know exaggerated the asking prices on 1STDIBS can be. I'm not thinking I've

struck gold or anything.



This pair of metal sculptures will soon be available on my c-list ads if you are nearby and

interested in owning them.


  1. Those things are pretty interesting. I can't say that I have ever seen anything like that before. They would look pretty cool as decorations for a Mid Century themed living room.

  2. William Friedle produced metal works in the mid 1960's in NYC with his brother, Bruce Friedle.

    William retired from the field in the end of the decade.

    Bruce continued to produce whimsical works of art until the end of the 1990's when he went into seclution.

    William's work was strictly metal novel and new in it's era.

    Bruce is noted with the creation of the wire sunburt which became a staple of it's era.