Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Finally Got A Nesting Sugar / Creamer Set by Russel Wright. Took a Little While But They Were Worth The Wait. Status: Like the Psychedelic Furs Said - Pretty In Pink


You might remember from my trip to New Orleans last October that I found a Russel Wright sugar bowl but no creamer. I made a trip down to China Finders on Cherokee street to see if I might be able to find a creamer to go with it, to no avail. The place ain't cheap but they usually have what you need or can get it.

Luckily, I have more patience than money. I'm not a gotta have it now kinda guy. I've wanted an

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
for a very very long time. I may have something that I will be

happy with until it shows up (don't worry, you'll get to see it soon enough!), but I've been OK

with waiting. I guess the "getting" means more to me when I do the getting at the right price!


Finding these at the Brick Street Antique Gallery meant getting them at the right price. I was

happy to pay full price too. I'm getting better at Haggling and asking for a better price even

though it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. When I do ask, I pretty much only do so when I'm

buying multiple items. I'm told by most everybody that it's expected. I guess since I buy mostly

from thrift stores the idea seems ridiculous. Could you imagine haggling at a thrift store?


It's hard to tell by the pics but I assure you, these are pink! I don't know why my camera makes

pink look white in my pics. I think maybe I need to put something white in my pics when shooting

something pink. ::shrugg:: This is such a great and inspired design. After first seeing it I

thought, "Well, duh...why aren't all sugar and creamer sets meant to nest like this?!" It's an

obvious that just makes sense! Leave it to Russel and Mary Wright. They wrote

the book! The guide to easier living.



  1. It's fun to see how many things you post that I either have or have seen. I didn't realize when I bought my little pitcher at Goodwill a few weeks ago that it had a mark on the bottom. Once I read this post, however, I pulled it from the shelf. Sure enough, printed over the dark green glaze is the Russell Wright imprint.

    If I want to contact you through email, what is the best way? I don't see a Contact Me option on the blog. I was hoping to email you a photo of the mark on my set of Danish Modern sofa/chairs that match what you own now in the green Naugahyde.

  2. I love my nesting sugar and creamer too. I have a set in ripe apricot.