Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Antique Mall...On Magazine Street In New Orleans? Why Yes! Status: Another Reason To Check Out NOLA


Ah, Spring time in New Orleans...what a beautiful time of year to visit! The flowers are in bloom. It's not hot and humid yet. You can dine outside if you like on some of the greatest food anywhere. If you've never been, I've got just two words for ya: Make...The...Trip.


...And the odd thing is, it's just another antique mall!  Nothing you wouldn't expect here in the

Mid West!  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  It's just kinda surprising given the

reputation that the Magazine Street shopping district holds.  It's not even really more expensive

than some of the other antique malls I've been to.


As you scroll through the pics you see that there was a LOT of this Blue Heaven (Royal China)

available.  It weren't cheap though, especially the glassware.  That plasticware looks like it

would be nice to have for a barbeque out on the patio.


I love this enameled orange cookware.  I think it's Danish in origin but don't know for sure.  It's

supposed to be great cookware.  Of course, it's cast iron!


Tiki Mugs!!!  Love me some Tiki accoutrements!  Does this aluminum tree remind anybody else

of the tree from Charlie Brown?  Need a tall mod table lamp?  They gots ya covered.


Random glassware in a carrier!  I'd love to have a set of the polka dotted ones.  Pink mixing

bowls?  I've seen lots of mixing bowls and have never come across a set of all pink ones.


Look closely and you'll see a set of peach lusterware ramekins, pyrex refrigerator dishes AND

a Tiki mug all in that first pic!  I don't know if the tea kettle is vintage but I like it none the less.


I know...more Frankoma.  I can't help myself!  The chest is kinda what I was looking for to place

at the end of our bed before I found this.


Yet MORE Frankoma.  It's just so pretty.  I bought this watering can and brought it home with



Again, not sure if these are vintage but they are pretty cool.  You'll even find some great light

fixtures here.


OK, so maybe antique malls in NOLA are a little different.  Watch out for that gator as you're

reaching for the Aztec bookends!  Nice set of nesting ashtrays, no?


More Tiki mugs!  I've got lots already but I have bought a few from here.


Lovin' the pink Hollywood Regency / Biomorphic ashtray.  Lot's of appropriately priced Russel

Wright / Stubenville.  Even a few coasters.


More Blue Heaven.  Like before, you see a few custard dishes.  If these TWO matching light

fixtures had been $85 for both I would have snatched them up.


I didn't see any markings on this vase but it strikes me as being "By" somebody.  Check out

THOSE Tiki mugs!  Very Fu Man Chu!  Also of much desirability is the ruby set of glassware

next to them.


What a great little planter (or in my case...change / keys catch!).  Check out how the Kahlua

bottle is eyeing the bowling ball liqueur bar!


Check out the big ol' Ben Seibel bean crock by Roseville.  Too bad it has a big ol' crack down

the side!  Check out those vibrant colors on the hull planter.  Nice.


I've seen this boxed up set of Harmony House dishes there twice, so it's been there at least six

months, and I've been able to just barely resist buying it up!  Wow, look at all that beautiful



Look at those teeny tiny Russel Wright / Stubenville teacups and saucers!  I've never seen

these before.  I have seen (and have a set of) the lugged coupe bowls.


A few more pieces of Russel Wright (some Stubenville some Iroquois) that are available.


Pink mixer, no bowls.  White or clear bowls would do, but I can't have an incomplete mixer!

  What an unusual shaker and glassware set.  Pick it up and go!


That's a very pretty art deco sugar / creamer set.  It may not be mid century modern but it fits.

  Tiki mugs.  Why so many Tiki mugs no NOLA?


This glass pitcher is chromed much in the style of Dorothy Thorpe.  More cool ashtrays.


OMG, is that a lot of Blue Heaven or what?


Drizzle ware?  I'd be happy to eat some veggies and dip outa this!  Cute color combo, baby

blue and sunshine yellow!


This glassware reminds me of Lemoncello liqueur.  I can't imagine having the pink glassware

with horsies but they sure are pretty.


That's a kinda creepy looking finish on that ashtray.  Love the diamond glassware.


Nice cocktail glasses...and an even number of them!  I love the shape of this little tea kettle.


This water pitcher looks like Frankoma but it's not.  Just some old phones, nothing to see here!


  1. Wow...tons of cool things there! Your pictures keep reminding me how overdue I am on a trip to New Orleans. And, hey, by the way...thanks for the plug on the Apartment Therapy site!

  2. really cool collection..seems like vintage heaven :

  3. Love everything you photographed-thanks!