Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Metlox - Freeform, Mobile, Contempora. ::Sigh:: It's All So, So Confusing. But I Think I Have It All Worked Out Now. Status: Unsure.


Ok, so while we were in New Orleans we stepped into a shop way over on the west end of Magazine Street called Retroactive where I found a matched pair of Metlox tumblers that I thought matched my two lil' berry bowls.


Well c'mon...looky, the squiggly shapes are similar and they are both made by Metlox. Dag, I

didn't even know that there was more than one pattern like this...much less Three! But much

to my surprise and chagrin, the fact stands that the number is indeed...Three. ::sigh::


I'm not I? I was so juiced to find the tumblers thinking I was finally getting the

collection off the ground in a BIG way. When I finally got them together with the berry bowls I

realized that not only are the colors different in the pattern but the finish or glaze is different

too! Ugh. It's kind of a deal breaker with me. I have to choose.


Can you see that the finish on the berry bowls is Matte as apposed to the shiny reflective finish

of the tumblers? This will drive me nuts. I just don't think I can mix and match both the patterns

and finishes. I'm partial to the matte finish but would rather have brighter colors and squarish

shaped dinner plates.


So here's the issue, I've got a couple pieces of the Contempora pattern with the berry bowls

and a couple pieces of the Mobile pattern with the tumblers but I have no personal experience

with the Freeform pattern. From what I can see on the internet, Freeform looks like it also has

the shiny finish, but since I don't have a piece in front of me I can't be sure. Anybody out there

got a piece that they can take a look at and let me know if the finish is shiny and smooth? I

think I'm leaning toward the Contempora pattern.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Freeform and Mobile are the same pattern, different colors...with Freeform having a glossy glaze and Mobile being matte. (If I'm wrong, somebody correct me.) I like the Freeform colors best, but I like the matte finish of the other two. Choices, choices. Whatcha gonna do?

    Given your extensive collection of dishes you are probably already a member but from what I can tell you are correct. Contemporama is the only one with a satin glaze the other 2 are shiny. Modish is great for asking questions especially if you post a photo.



  3. Ask and ye shall receive! I have some California Freeform that I rescued from a thrift store years ago, and just grabbed a berry dish to snap a photo for you:

    The glaze IS shiny, not matte and also the body of the dishes is an "oatmeal" flecked ceramic, not pure white.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I was in Retro101 this weekend and spotted some Metlox dishes in the window that appear to match your berry bowls. Just thought you would like to know.

  5. To confuse it further, I have the Freeform pattern in melamine. I can't find that anywhere.

  6. I have an entire collection that I would like to sell if interested email me at