Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ain't Weekends SO Much Better Since The Weather Broke!?!? Are Ya Properly Equipped? Status: Two Cool (ers).

Both Edit

We were all set to fill one of these guys with ice and beer the weekend before last when we went to the drive in (Double Feature @ the Skyview: Battlefield LA / Sucker Punch --> great movies to see @ the Drive In!) but our friends who went with us beat us to the punch and had a cooler already filled and ready to go.

I found one of these at an estate sale years ago. Even if you go to an estate sale late, you can

still find some really cool stuff that the general buyers just don't have an appreciation for. I

perhaps go a little overboard with the "retro lifestyle accoutrements" in being sure that I have

period appropriate coolers for a backyard bar-b-ques...but it's all fun! There's a certain joy in

watching a guest, friend or family member look around and shake their head.


The second cooler came from one of the three local Value Village thrift stores. I think I paid like

$9 for it. They always price things weird, like $8.38. Don't know why. It's crazy how happy I was

to find a matching cooler in a different color! A couple came by a few weeks ago to relieve me

of the Danish Lounge Sofa and Chair that I recently featured and they did a little "garage

shopping" while here. They also took home a set of vintage folding lawn chairs and asked if

these coolers were available. I just couldn't part with either one! They did have good taste, I

must say!


Speaking of good 'bout a Pabst? I know...I'm located at the epicenter of Busch /

Budweiser beer consumption, but I like to be able to Taste my beer when I drink it. Plus, it looks

vintage. Shut up. I know. Anyway...this, Stag, Schlitz and Miller High Life are my "hot day

outside" cooler fillers of choice. Now...for a nice beer with dinner or if I'm out to see a band or

something...well, I like an unfiltered wheat beer like St. Louis' own Schlafly brand Hefeweizen.

Kansas City also has a nice weissbier (wheat beer) called Boulevard Wheat.


Anyway, isn't it cool that there is a built in bottle opener on the handles of the coolers?

Coleman knew what these were gonna be used for! What year would you guess these were

made? I'm thinking (because of the colors) that they were late 60's, but I'm certainly no expert.

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  1. Those are some sweet Coolers! They would fit perfectly with my RC Cola Grill!