Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mr. Modtomic Makes Available Another Great Mid Century Pull Down Light Fixture. Status: Ready And Waiting (available!).


Wow, yeah...I found another cool pull down fixture over the weekend! As a bonus I have an extra glass diffuser in a different style that goes with it! The last one I made available went really fast. Just a heads up!


Oops, looks like that second pic above is a little out of focus. I guess I should pay a little more

attention when taking the pics! Oh well, you get the idea! I picked up the diffuser in the main

pic and the second pic above a long time ago from a thrift store just cuz it looked cool and was

cheap! Now I've found a fixture that it fits! Hopefully I'll find it a proper home soon as well.


There, that's better! Now you can see it in all it's crisp clear glory. The cord mechanism in this

piece work great too. All these should probably be rewired though. When do you think the

"industry" will bring this style back? Seems like fashion has such a short cycle, you'd think that

the "house fashion" industry would pick up on that to boost sales!


See, all cleaned up and ready to go. This will look so great in someones kitchen, especially if

it's replacing some '80s "update". There are three sockets inside so it'll throw out some serious

light if needed! Finding lighting like this is kinda hit and miss. You might see them at estate

sales but the sellers usually won't sell them as they are kinda part of the house! The only place

I can think of to actually go look for vintage / retro lighting is the Habitat For Humanity ReStore,

but they only get what happens to get donated so it's not a given that even they will have one. I

have found them in the Garages and Basements of estate sales from time to time. St. Louis is

blessed with a citizenry that threw out very little that was in some way still usable! Mom get's a

new toaster for Christmas and the perfectly good one she got as a wedding present 30 years

ago goes into the new ones box and on a shelf in the basement! Thanks...I'll buy that old one!

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