Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are Ya Out Gettin' Your Garden Ready For Spring? Surely You've Got A Stylish Water Can To Keep Your Petunias Lookin' Good! Status: Three's An Official Collection.


I've had one for what seems like forever, one I found at an antique mall on Magazine Street and the last little one was waiting for me at a thrift store just down the street from the place we were staying in New Orleans (Terrytown, actually).


The only flowers Mr. Modtomic is keeping are the pretty glass flowers in the background! They

don't ever seem to wilt but do need some water from time to knock the dust off,

anyway. I'm keeping the water cans handy though, just in case I decide to give the real thing a

try someday.



This one was my first. Found it at a far West County estate sale many years ago. It's a true art

deco beauty. Made in Turkey and has an S&H (Smith & Hawken) stamp on the bottom. Made in

the '80s apparently. It has such a great patina that I thought it was much older.



This one was at an antique mall on Magazine Street in New Orleans. It's got a great shape and

is marked Made in Germany. Gotta be carefull with this one lest somebody get an unintended




I'm not 100% sure this one IS a water can. It might be for serving hot cocoa or something the "collection" might not be complete. It's got a sticker on the bottom reading

Coppercraft Guild Taunton Mass. It's just as pretty as the rest so for now, it stays.


  1. I Love those and really love the way you took photos of them from different angles, it looks like if you watched them real fast, they'd be dancing. So cute.

  2. I just found your blog today, and I LOVE it!
    I have added you to my list-of-blogs-that-I-need-to-see-every-single-post-they-write!