Monday, April 11, 2011

Just some of the booty from the Wentzville Flea Market pillaging last Sunday. It's amazing what you can get for just $12! Status: A Week Old...But C'mon, This Stuff's Been Sittin' Around Forever Anyway!


I had to work 3rd shift last week and have been trying to get back to my 2nd shift sleep pattern all weekend so even though Momma Modtomic wanted us to get up and hit Wentzville this morning, I just couldn't do it. So I give you last weekends little bag o' goodies!


Yea! 'Memba this style? I've got a couple more pieces of this starburst pattern Glassbake

. I don't actively collect Pyrex or Glassbake but this pattern is so great that if I see it

cheap, it's comin' home wit' me!


I've got soooo much of this Salem Biscayne! I really need to go through it all, pick out what I

wanna keep (if any...for real!) and sell the rest. I'll probably keep a setting of four. It's hard to

let go of your babies and I don't want Empty, China Cabinet....wait, no...Empty

Storage Box syndrome! But I just watched a video documentary about Star Wars fans and

some of them are AVID COLLECTORS, and I could see a little of myself in them....and it didn't

look good folks...not good at all. Not that I'm a Star Wars fanatic but I AM a Collector.





We picked up this amazingly colorful set of Melmac for the little lady. Aren't these just THE

colors of "mid century modern"? Bright Coral, Granite Black, Icicle White and Seafoam Blue! I

just sorta made those names up. They are in no way associated with the Branchell company of

St. Louis Mo.


  1. Dude, I hear you about the sleep shift crap-o-la. It drives me nuts whenever I have to work days.
    I love the colors of those Melmac cups. Very MCM indeed.

  2. Good finds! I've started picking up a few pieces of Melmac in turquoise.

  3. definitely love the colors in the melmac, that stuff is so fun!

  4. Nice Grab on that Melmac! I love the colors. They are quite Mid Century and they would definitely be pretty cool to have.

  5. Hi, I am in the market for the salem biscayne. I live in St. Charles. What do you have and are you interested in selling? My email is Thank you for your time!!

  6. Those were the colors of my sister's set of Melmac!!!!!!