Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ain't These A "Perky" Set Of Coffee Makers? I've Had These Up On Top Of The Fridge A While And A Blog Post Has Been A Brewin'. Status: Aw, C'mon...That Was Funny!


I used to drink a lot of coffee. Now the Girlfriend has me hooked on the Energy Drinks. It's just so much easier. No cleanup. But one of these days I'm gonna go get some coarse ground coffee and fire one of these babies up! It'll probably be awful.

I've read that these don't really make great coffee. They "rebrew" the coffee as it's being

prepared. But to tell you the truth, I couldn't tell you how the best tasting cup of coffee I've ever

had was made. Perhaps it was Percolated! Maybe I'll be surprised.



These are both in great shape and complete. I'm just assuming that they are both in working

condition since I've never really tested them. Never had a reason. They look cool and that has

been all I've ever wanted them to do!



The great thing about these I suspect is the capacity to brew up a TON of coffee and the "fire

and forget" nature of the brewing. Maybe for our next Christmas Party I'll fire one up to make

Irish Coffee and whatnot. Maybe a Christmas flavored brew. I don't think much about drinking

coffee in the warmer months.


Hmmm...maybe I should take one to work! I'm sure everybody would love to have coffee

available all day long. These were made to serve a high volume and unfortunately the

Girlfriend and I alone just couldn't take advantage of that.


  1. Hmmm, those are grounds to get you in some pretty hot water. Someone else, who may not be as nice as me, may buzz your site and feel like creaming you, sugar, so watch out. Ouch!

  2. Those are gorgeous. Now I want one. You know, those surpersized coffee 'pots' caused more catfights in the church fellowship hall than man stealin' and backstapbbin' combined (church ladies may look sweet but don't provoke them!) . It was all about who had to get there early to make the coffee, who borrowed the big pot last, where was the big coffee maker, who would clean it up, who put punch in it... the problems never ended. Modern coffee makers were an answer to prayer.

  3. Those are beautiful! The coffee purists can say what they like about me, but I actually prefer my coffee made using a percolator! I use a little vintage stove-top one every morning! I'd love to find a big fancy one like these, though!

  4. My mom always had one of those for parties and holidays. I'm sure there's one out in my workshop somewhere, but like you, I rarely have any reason to brew that much coffee at one time. I love the old things though and have fond memories of my mom making spiced tea in one every Christmas.

  5. I love old percolators. These are really cool looking. You've just GOT to fire them up to see how they work.