Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quick Lane Acclaim Refinish. Found This Pair At The Salvation Army And Thought I'd Tidy 'Em Up. Status: Check Out The "After" And You Tell Me!


Lookin' kinda rough as purchased! They were cheap enough that I thought I could do very little harm in attempting a quick refinish job on them. The good news is that they are already nice and solid...just that's gotta go! See Video Inside!


So at first I didn't think I was gonna buy 'em.  I just shot some quick pics to post up here as a

"looky at what's avaiable" entry. Then I went back before leaving and took another look. Since

they were solid and there were very few scratches or dings in the wood I changed my mind and

decided to take a chance on the set. Eh, they were only $40 for the pair. I didn't think I could

mess them up enough that I'd be throwing away good money.


Here's a good set of "Before" pics. Notice the water rings all over the sad things! Somebody

must have had plants on these and missed that day in home-ec when COASTERS were

discussed. ::sigh::


It's a good thing they's cute! They certainly could be used as purchased. You wouldn't have to

worry to much about taking care of them. But, I had bigger plans for these! I went right out and

bought a couple more cans of the Minwax Antique Furniture Refinisher ($15 a quart - not

cheap), a bunch of 0000 Steel Wool and some of that Howards Feed-N-Wax. I haven't tried out

the Feed-N-Wax yet but I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'll be using it on these after the

refinish dries thoroughly.


Hey! Where did all those water rings go? It's like magic! This only took 30 minutes...for both

table tops! Used up about a half a can of the Refinisher on both.  I hesitate to say it can save all

the messed up tables out there, but I think it's worth giving it a try! This pair will be available


Here's a little video of Mr. Modtomic in action. This was a 15 minute, one take, start to finish

video...but that would have taken about a week to upload so I made a few breaks and included

a little ditty by a local band (that is sadly broken up) called Tripstar. It's a live recording. I hope

you enjoy both the video and the tune. I tried to include voice over commentary but my mic /

computer combo wasn't being cooperative. Let me just say this. All you got to do is pour a little

of the Minwax Antique Furniture Refinisher into a bowl, dip a pad of 0000 steel wool into it and

"scrub" the old finish off.


The longer and or harder you scrub, the more you'll strip the original stain off and lighten the

look, at least so it seems with this mass produced and likely "tinted" as apposed to stained

pieces. You gotta be carefull with this acclaim stuff because if you strip the edges too much

they turn a VERY light color which makes the piece look obviously refinished. I prefer the

edges still have a little darkness while having enough contrast to be able to see the cool

dovetail details.


  1. Those look great and thanks for the information. Now, what will you do next to them?

  2. I can hear those tables sighing with relief and saying "Thank You". Thanks for the video for us DIY folks.

  3. Wow! Those tables look great! I'm going to have to use that stuff on some of the stuff I will inevitably end up getting.

  4. i think i could use this idea on my tables too

  5. Ohhhh, I just picked up a couple of cool American of Martindale side tables that need some TLC; I'll have to try giving them some Minwax Refinisher love.

  6. I haven't tried that product before, but I think I'll go get some. I really like the Feed n Wax for pieces that are dry and betting for some TLC.

  7. We just pulled an exact table out of our new, 1950 Jeff City home's storage area, and cleaned it up as best we could. I can't wait to do this treatment to it. I love these little tables!

  8. hey
    I have a question, i just bought a table and it was literally for free...the owner has abused it so much that i almost cried...:(..would be it ok with you if i send in pics and u could guide me in putting it back wouldbe of immense help!!!!! plz

  9. Sudha - shoot me a note via my craigslist ad(s). We can talk via e-mail then.

  10. Thanks for the great tips! I just picked up a pair of Lane Acclaim tables for $12 (!!!) at a local Goodwill. I will be getting the Minwax and going to town on them tomorrow.

  11. willow - Good luck! I hope they turn out nice. Remember...don't get to crazy around the edges as that wood is a much lighter color and if you strip too much of the tinting off it'll look almost white. No problem if you like that but it definitely won't look original. It'll probably look a lot better than un-refinished either way! Be sure to get some Murphy Oil Soap and some Howards Feed & Wax while you're out! Maybe some Danish Oil too. I've never used it but need to get some to try out.