Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Update. State Of The Livingroom Decor. Status: For Now....


Since I got the Milo Baughman recliner for our "family" room I had to find a good place for the Selig Z chair. Then I got that snazzy Adrian Pearsall chair, and well....

For real, I had about FOUR chairs in here that I had either been using or had recently acquired

plus Boxes and Bags of smalls! I had a buyer coming by and the Girlfriend has been bugging

me to clear it out so I spent a little time on it Saturday.

Selig Z Chair

The Selig Z Chair is now proudly displayed near the front door. It competes with the big orange

fireplace and that beautiful blue landscape painting for one's immediate attention as you enter.

I doubt that I'll ever part with this beauty! It's not just easy on the eyes but it's super cushy

comfy to sit in!

Baughman Sofa

Much more subtle in style but much more luxuriously comfortable is the Milo Baughman (I'm

about 90% sure of that attribution now) sofa. It might be long and low but when you sit in (that's

right..."in" not "on"!) it you sink another six inches! So yeah, it's long and low! The weather has

finally warmed up enough for me to enjoy this piece. It was just too cool to the touch this winter

to even consider using.


There not much subtlety to Adrian Pearsall's furniture designs. In Mr. Modtomic's humble

opinion the designs run right up to gaudy (without crossing the line in most instances). They

seem to be Radical Designs that the Common Man of the day could afford. They are seriously

stylish and well built without being precious, either then or now. That there are so many

designs and so many pieces available smacks of mass production on a larger scale and

perhaps a lower price point for their time. I know that now the sofas can go for more than a

grand but they are very well built and are usually as solid today as they ever where. And how

much would you spend on a new sofa that you could hope would be around in 40 years!


  1. A magnificent display! I'm pining (sp?) over the chairs and coffee table. The Z chair is in my "top 5 list" of all time favorite chairs.

  2. I agree with Krazy4Mod, the Z chair is in my top 5 favorites. And your Predicta - to die for!

  3. Your living room is full of great pieces! It's been fun to see you acquire several of them.