Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Industrial Chic? Sentimental Schooldays Nostalgia? Old Beat Up Chairs? Status: Beauty Is In The Eye...


Isn't that just precious? Looks like Joan maybe played the field...and carried around an Arkansas Toothpick for which to profess her fondness? Yikes.

These three chairs were part of a "curb alert" that I found on Craigslist last fall. There was also

a treadmill, but I found these much more interesting. They are a little outside my normal field of

interest but like everybody else, I feel like I should stretch when I have an opportunity. What

says "opportunity" like "Free-Take"?



This is the little one. It's obviously for very young children and isn't all scrawled on with "who

likes who". It would make a great display for a larger size baby doll. Especially one or two the

likes of which you might find at Poets Gallery in New Orleans
on Magazine Street. Or, you

know...maybe you've got a cool little one in your life that needs some retro industrial seating in

her or his room!





These two are large enough for adults to use. These could sit quietly in the corner of your

living room or den, taking up minimal room, making quite a statement and provide comfortable

durable extra seating when asked. They'd also make great desk or task seating (obviously!).

I'd like to find a way to keep one...maybe in the laundry room! Or maybe I'll set up a "workshop"

in the Garage and keep one there. Dunno. I'm going to offer them all on Craigslist and see

what happens!


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE old school furniture. being a nerd, i was always happy in school :)

  2. These are awesome! What makes them especially cool are all the carvings and wear. Great curb alert score!