Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wanna Join Mr. Modtomic In "Picking" Through Another Antique Mall? Let's Take A Look Through The Spanish Street Mercantile Antique Mall! Status: Three Floors!


This is another great antique shop in Cape Girardeau, right across the street from the Brick Street Antique Gallery. It seems to have a lot more "antiques" and perhaps caters more to someone looking for higher end turn of the century stuff, but there's always stuff for us. Sometimes you just have to suss it out. The sussing is half the fun!


There's even an attached Soda Shop! These people are serious about their presentation! It

was pretty late, they were looking to close up shop and we didn't buy anything so I didn't take a

moment to ask if the soda shop was a "working" shop. It looked like it could be! Maybe next

time we make the trip down (got friends and family there) we'll try to get there a little earlier and

check it out again. Maybe the shop will be open and we'll get some ice cream sodas!


Oh my lord, are these not the two most beautiful colors in all the world? Flamin' Orange and

Jadite Green, sigh. Only pink and baby blue can compete for Mr. Modtomics heart! Otherwise,

completely useless items in my book...I don't smoke or mix. People used to do that at the same

time. Bet some still do...yikes.


Mmmm...some of my favorites, right away! Atomic blast lamps. You gotta wonder. Maybe

people in the fifties and sixties just didn't associate this style of lamp with the Atom Bomb like I

do. I've at least got the perspective of Nostalgia to buy into. Then there's that Big Blue Russel

Wright chop plate. That's pretty sweet! I could only love it more with a big pile of Chops piled

on top!


"Roar"! Nice kitty. Time to get the patio furniture out! Good looking set, no?


Nice clean lines, simple and sweet. Maybe a little pricey though. I guess cuz it looks like it's

been recently repainted and recovered.


There's my pink and blue! Single glasses like this always make me feel sorry for them. Who

buys a single glass? It's like the one eye'd dog with mange at the animal shelter. The stretch

glass vase though, it'll surely be adopted in no time.


The fifties called...they want their "technology" back. They ain't getting it or the pink plastic

ware or cookie plate back.


Mr. Modtomic loves magazine racks. This is probably about the best time to haggle over an

aluminum X-mas tree. Unless the owner plans on having a Christmas in July sale!


I love stuff with the drippy squiggly lines like this salad bowls set. What is this called? Anybody

know? Let's have a drink and try to figure it out.



Of course I'm gonna find a great set of dishes. Good lookin' set, no? Not too shabby a price.


I dig this Kem Weber style office chair. Great shape, chrome and vinyl. These boudoir lamps

always look stylish. I love that the bases light up for romantic evenings!


What sucks is finding so many cool lamps...without shades. ::sigh:: Hey, I got a chip (or veggie)

-n- dip ceramic dish like that!


Ironing is hard, hot work. Might as well do it with a cool vintage iron. Click on the fan to cool off.


Love that Orange ceramic lamp! Again, no shade. ::grrrr:: I'm not exactly sure what draws me

to this chandelier but I know I like it. Maybe paint it bright yellow or red!






So I gotta get to work and ran short of time...so you'll have do come up with the rest of the

"entertaining" captions! I hope you enjoyed this little look around the Spanish Street Mercantile

antique mall as much as we enjoyed exploring it!


  1. Wow! there are some pretty wild looking items in there! I will definitely have to go visit this place when I get the chance! I saw a few chairs and dishes I liked in your pictures and I really liked that wire magazine rack. That is pretty neat.

  2. Looks like a great place to find lots of treasures. Thanks for the tour.

  3. I love those dishes - but did you notice the bottom read Pine CORN!

  4. Lots of neat things! I loved the Pine Corn too.