Friday, April 8, 2011

Wentzville Flea Market Last Weekend. 'Twas A Spectacular Day For Poking Through The Offerings. Status: Only Open Sundays!


Yea!!! It's finally warm enough to get up at the crack of dawn and drive 40 minutes to get to the Wentzville Flea Market...only to find a buddy of mine has been there picking through it for HOURS already!


So some people are crazier than even me. Eh, whatev'. Going to the Flea Market is as much

about just getting out, getting some exercise, fresh air and fun as it is about finding some

"worm" (what the early bird gets...get it?).


There was still plenty of "worm" left for us "late" folks anyway. I bought the saucer pull down

light, the Salem Biscayne baking dish and some other good stuff. We left happy.


I love the "folk" or "outsider" art you can often find at the flea market! Our flea markets are a lot

like our antique malls in that you have to be willing to look through a lot of stuff you might not

have any interest in to find the hidden gems.


I'm digging this chair. It was in decent shape and cheap. I could totally see it in some joint on

Apartment Therapy! I came close to buying the pair of Chinese paintings.


It's still early in the "season" for the flea market so the vendors were a little thin. I'd say it was at

about 75% capacity. This is one of the most popular flea markets in our area. These vendors

will park their cars the Saturday night to ensure their "spot" on Sunday morning!


Hi and Lo. The Hull mixing bowls were $85 (I think) and damn, they are pretty! That's some

scratch for the flea market! I love those colors. Then there's the flip clock of questionable

accuracy. It's a great looking flip clock, and I have a weakness for the flip clocks...but I didn't

even ask. BTW, what part of that is "Digital"???


That is an OLD globe! Check it out: French West Africa? Pre 1960! Pink Pyrex for all you Pyrex



Hey kids, before the aliens gave us microwave ovens we had to use electric coils in toaster

ovens to burn our TV dinners! I snatched up the Salem Biscayne dish.


I love the color of this Club cookware! Maybe I should have snatched it up. I've been wanting to

get a nice set of this for a while. I often see single pieces at the thrift stores but am hesitant to

buy it since I don't think I'll be able to fnd the corresponding lids and other pieces. The drip

brown glaze is growing on me. I used to associate it with the seventies in a bad way.


Love the little camera! Could you imagine carrying around a big ol' camera (even though it's

tiny!) like this that "only" takes pictures today? How do I upload the pics to the internet? Loving

the danish hassock. Wonder what kind of cool chair it went with.


Frankoma ducks. Just cuz I like the colors!

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  1. There really is some amazing stuff in there! That lamp is awesome and I love that green ottoman! I bet the chair that went with it looked fantastic! I too also have a soft spot for "digital" flip clocks! I've always wanted one so hopefully I can find a good deal on a cool looking one someday!