Sunday, April 17, 2011

Does Everybody Have A Set Of These West Bend Bean Crocks Or Is It Just Mr. Modtomic? Status: Collected.


Mmmmm...beans! Loves me some Hoppin' John, pork n' beans, baked beans, red beans n' rice, three bean salad, beans n' wieners, bean dip, bean town, gettin' beaned...uhm, wait a minute...might have lost the plot a little with that...


You know what, the girlfriend picked this up YEARS ago at a church rummage sale! It's a nice

set. I've seen the electric warmer for these sets here and there but haven't picked one up yet. I

think that I need to! You'll see the large bean crock warmer all over the place, but the little

ones...they seem to be a bit harder to find.


Ain't they cute! Little bean crocks. Awwww. And a full set no less. Next New Years we are gonna

make a big ol' pot of Hoppin John in this set. I wish I could actually EAT beans on a regular

basis but...well, you know how beans work. I prefer to not subject my friends, family and

co-workers to that kinda torture.



  1. yep! they're common here, the set i snagged was still in original box. i wouldn't of noticed/bothered but i inherited my grandmothers west bend bean pot with the painted girl & boy figures on it? it's very 40's looking. i don't even use these, though i keep meaning to every time i make my famous chili. ^__^

  2. I don't have one - but I swear I see at least one piece of that set at every single thrift store I visit!

  3. shoot! i saw the crock at our local Goodwill and loved it but didn't pick it up. pretty neat!!

  4. Cool...I must be the only person on earth who's never seen these.

  5. There is also a warming base with an electrical cord that goes with that set..very hard to the "slow cooker" of days gone by!