Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Got Back From N. O. ALMOST Scored Big Time. Status: close.


This conference table came so close to being adopted by Mr. Modtomic! Do you know why? Take a gander inside if you're scratching your head.


Other than just being a cool looking Mid-century conference table there doesn't

seem to be much to this table, does it? You know it would have to be well

constructed to have just a center pole and four splayed leg base and still be

sturdy and stable though. And since it's contract furniture it's gotta be pretty

heavy duty. But why on earth would Mr. Modtomic consider buying and strapping

this to the roof of the Volvo Wagon (no roof rack!) then drive home nearly 700

miles like that? Why on earth would he want an 8 foot long conference table at all?


Well, first of all...I didn't buy it. It was just a teeny bit too rough. It was SO hard to

leave behind though. I not only felt disappointed not buying it for the condition

issues but also felt like I was letting the seller down too. I couldn't hardly believe I

was the ONLY person who had responded to the craigslist ad! But I did clue the

seller in on why I was SO interested in the table to begin with.

Florence Knoll. This table was designed by Florence Knoll. It may well be a knock

off but it has all the right stuff as far as I could tell...except for the stamp or tag.

Dang! One Stamp on one of those legs or a tag on the underside and this would

have just made my year! The seller was asking $100. If this had been stamped it

would have been worth upwards of perhaps $2,000 - 4,000. Check it out on eBay!

But there was a pretty good section of the chrome on one of the legs that was

chipped off and all the corners of the table top were pretty banged up.


I just couldn't pull the trigger on this. Instead I shared my knowledge with the seller

and then stopped by a couple of the retro-centric shops in New Orleans and told

them about it and suggested that they could easily double their money on it if they

bought it soon (the seller REALLY just wanted it gone). Wouldn't the base have

made a great dining or kitchen table? Or maybe a base to a great Mod desk

project? Oh, it was SO hard not to bring it home!


  1. Wow! That is a fantastic looking table! I would definitely have bought that if I had the room and the table top wasn't so beat up! That base looks really sweet! I don't think I would be able to cram that thing in my little econo-box but perhaps I could strap it down to my roof rack as well? oh well if it was a genuine Knoll table that would have been a steal!

  2. I have one! Paid nothing for it! The oval top was shattered on one side, but the husband and I rebuilt it and stripped it. I took two trips in my little SUV-ish vehicle. Don't regret it a bit. Hope someone will love it!