Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Pair of Beautiful Boudoir Lamps are Heading to New Orleans Next Weekend So I Thought I Better Show 'Em Off Before They're Gone. Status: Spoken For.


I've had these a Looonnnnnggggg time. These were some of the first vintage / retro items I started collecting. I replaced them with a much cooler set about a year ago but will still miss them when they are gone.


These two lamps were found at different times and at different thrift stores.


The "globes" are for all intents and purposes identical but the other parts are a

little different. The lampshades were purchased much later and are a perfect

matching set.


When paired with the lamps the set looks great together! I personally like how the

drum shades sit low near the globes but taller bows could be used to raise them



I think the proximity gives the set some weight and heft. The shades are a dark

wine color when the main bulb is off but turn a smoldering golden color when

illuminated. How cool is that?


Then the globes have night light bulbs in them so that you can have just the

globes illuminated or both the globe and main bulb or just the main bulb. With just

the globe you get a warm romantic light. It's pretty nice.


But, they're being passed on to a new home in New Orleans. We are headed to

the Big Easy for a half week spring break holiday and I'm taking a number of items

with me to be sold to new owners there. We are looking forward to lots of good

food, drink, weather, shopping and all sorts of fun! Watch out Big Easy...here we



  1. We love to go down there several times a year. Enjoy the city! Eat at Harbor Seafood in Kenner. It's just a great seafood place and it's cheap. Lots of locals go there. We go every trip!


  2. Eat a few oysters at Acme for me!

  3. Good bye little lamps. Hello Big Easy! I wonder what the odds are that you would find 2 nearly identical lamps at different places?

  4. AMAZING! we are drooling over these gorgeous lamps!

  5. B2R - Thanks for the recommendation! The customer reviews sound great! We will definitely make a trip there. When we went to South Padre Island TX we found this place that only serves Boiled Shrimp by the ($10) pound. It was Oh So Good. We'd love to find a place like that in N. O. Maybe this is that place?

    Dana - Last Halloween I took the Mom there for a really nice dinner. No oysters though, least raw...that is. I like them fried!

    K4M - Seems like I used to see a lot of these at the thrift stores. Not so much any more. Those shades though, that was a rare find.

    V-Dubs - They sure are a pretty pair. I hope that the new owners will love them.