Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I FINALLY Found the (Nearly) Perfect Chest For The End Of The Bed! Thank You C-List! Status: Well, It's At The End Of The Bed...But Still Empty.


Since the Brasilia footboard I have is a Full size (I've never seen a Queen size Brasilia footboard!) we've never had anything at the end of our bed. Then there are these big metal mounting tabs on the end of the rails that we keep bumping into with our shins. Something was needed.

Edit / Note: Ah Ha!  It's from the "Projection" line by Drexel!  Apparently designed by John Van Koert.

So I've been looking for a bench or, like this, a blanket chest to place at the end of

the bed to kinda keep us away from those mean, bloodthirsty corners. I didn't think

I'd find anything in the "chest" category that would look cool without some major

modifications but just look. Not only does it "fit the bill" but it matches the Brasilia

style just fine! All this style for just $60 and a drive to Alton Il. where I got to visit

Sharon and her shop George Street Antique Mall. By the way, that Vladimir Kagan

Chromecraft "Unicorn" set
is still available there!


My only complaint...well, complaint is too strong a word...issue I guess, is that it's a

bit diminutive. It's like a 4/5ths version of the perfect chest! It works though and I'm

happy with it. I think it's by Lane (it's not...see above), but I'm not sure. I've seen the "leg" style

somewhere before but it's not coming to me. How 'bout some help here!


Check out that date! 1958! This looks amazingly modern for '58. I would have

guessed closer to '68. I guess the legs do have that "rocketship" sorta shape to



  1. This is awesome! You may want to expand your search beyond Lane. Lane chests always have a lock on the front center, and are all lined with cedar. Usually there's a shelf on the underside of the lid too. I used to work for Lane, and though the styles on the exterior may have changed through the years, the basic features have always remained the same.

  2. I love the simplicity of it, I think its lovely!

  3. Gorgeous chest! I've never seen one like it. I agree with Nathan Wilber though. The interior doesn't look like a Lane to me either. Every woman in my family has owned a Lane cedar chest for generations!

  4. I apologize in advance for the randomness of this inquiry but are those floor tiles original to the home?! If not, where, per chance, were they purchased from! Thanks :)

  5. I love this chest! Great C-List score again. It will look great at the end of the bed.

  6. Ooh, I love the side view! Wish I had space in my tiny master bedroom for a chest! Good find.

  7. Fantastic! I've never seen one like it either.

  8. Nathan W - Thanks for the encouragement! I did finally get a bit of inspiration last night and was able to ID it. You can see the resemblance to some of the Lane pieces though, right?

    Sue - Hiya, good to hear from you. Hit any estate sales yet?

    Dana - See my response to Nathan above.

    Kiddo - The entryway tile is one of the 7 or 10 details that sold us this home. They are original as are most of the other details of house. The agent just stood there and shook his head while we walked around "ooo"ing and "ahh"ing the floors, drapes, doors, bathrooms...

    illum. - Thanks, I know...right?

    Rhan - This one is surprisingly diminutive!

    V H - Click the link up near the top. The whole Projection line looks pretty sweet!