Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wait...What The...Didn't I Already Post Danish Stacking Tables? Yep! But They Live In New Orleans Now. Status: Another Set and Available!


I picked these up at the same time I bought the Ib Kofod Larsen chair I featured yesterday. I over paid a little for these but sometimes you do that. No big deal seeing as I underpaid for the chair. It all comes out in the wash.

I had lots of people interested in the other set of these danish stacking tables but then they

had the amazing, beautiful blue formica tops. These are quite nices too if a little less outlandish

and colorful. I think they'll fit in more living rooms though.


They are in very good shape with only a few bumps here and there on the legs. Unfortunately

the bottoms of the tops are not finished. It's not a big deal as no one ever really looks at the

bottoms but it would be nice if they were sealed with something. Maybe, if they don't get bought

right away, I'll paint the bottoms. Right now it's raw particle board. ::shrugg::


So these will be made available on my ads soon and if you are in the area and need a set, let

me know! If the number of inquiries about the other set is any indication, these might go fast!



  1. Woo, great legs on these tables! I love nesting and stacking 60's tables.

  2. Stacking and nesting tables always sell well, so I'm sure you'll make good money on these.