Saturday, March 5, 2011 tired. Just Got Home From Work. Overtime Sucks and so does this Post...a little anyway. Status: Recent Random Acquisitions.

Hairpin Leg Desk

Brought this home a few weeks ago...the desk that is...not Don. Don sold me the desk and was kind enough to pose for a photo next to it in the freezing cold of winter! Lord only knows what was going through his head at this moment. You know, you try to explain your blog to people sometimes and it's like talking about the funny thing your cat did the other day. Nobody Really wants to listen to that. Blogs are for reading and lookin' at the pretty pics...not for explaining. Anyway, there's more inside.

So that little desk is super cool, right! I had hoped to save that pic above for the

day I revealed the desk all refinished or repainted or whatever, but I didn't have

anything much ready for today's post. I've worked a lot of overtime the last two

days and ain't got much steam. I'm loving the hairpin legs. Look how teeny tiny the

right side ones are! This little desk is going to make someone really happy some



I also managed to drag home another one of these little (encyclopedia)

bookshelves! I now have three and they all need to be refinished (or painted...

GASP!, I know!). I think they might look good in Primary Colors with either black

or white legs. Just a thought.



  1. I've got two of these shelves, too, but I can never keep books on them! They always fall through the weird angles. It never occurred to me that they would be for encyclopedias! Maybe I'll try and thrift a set just to display on one of mine... I love that desk, too!

  2. Yes! Overtime does suck. I'm heading into a 60+ week myself and while the money is nice and all, sometimes I'd rather have the time back.

  3. adriane - I think you do have to keep them full or maybe use some bookends to hold them upright.

    monoG - I always try to get the time back. I'm not happy working long hours.