Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Not For Everybody and Not All Of It Really Fits The Vintage Modern Aesthetic, But I DO Love Some Of It! Status: No Room In The China Cab!


You know, I do have another Brasilia china cabinet top (hutch?) out in the garage that I have attached hairpin legs to (too tall though, gotta put my shorter ones on it). I could put it on this buffet since it's identical to the other that has the china cabinet top on it. Wouldn't that be weird? But then I'd have more room for all my china!

C'mon, take a look. This stuff is Beautiful! I know...some Frankoma is

"homestead-y" or a little "little house on the prairie" but I think a lot of it is quite

mod. Sometimes a little context is all you need! Maybe a little perspective!


When the Girlfriend and I drove to California we drove through Oklahoma and hit

a few antique malls and shops there. I noticed a preponderance of Frankoma at

these shops. It was uncanny. Enough so that we figured that there must have

been a manufacturer there.


We found the same sorta thing at the antique malls near Columbia MO except with

Fiesta. Lots and Lots of Fiestaware and Fiestaware seconds. Most of these pieces

were snatched up from thrift stores and flea markets but a few pieces were found

at antique malls cheaply enough to make it into the collection.


I think what I love most is the colors and finish. I'm always a fan of bold color and

color combinations and satin finishes are tops in my book. My Franciscan

, the Metlox Confetti that was sold, the Metlox Navajo and lots of others

sport a similar finish.


  1. I love the satin finish too, and I think some Frankoma is gorgeous. You have a beautiful collection.

  2. I think those orange salt and pepper shakers look pretty wild! I like those!

  3. Frankoma=Oklahoma..YES!