Wednesday, March 16, 2011

See...I Don't Get To Snatch Up ALL The Good Stuff. I Can't Believe I Missed This Set By Mere Hours. Status: Dangit!


While I have absolutely no need for another six Broyhill Brasilia chairs (my set is in really good shape), I'd have loved to get that table. I have a similar table except it's more of a rectangle than a square. I've never seen this size table before.

The sold tag was dated TODAY! I stopped by at about 1pm. I missed it by just a

couple hours! The table looks like it's in good shape. I didn't thoroughly inspect it

since it was already sold. The chairs were a little rough. Mostly just the finish wore

off but the cushions need some help as well. Still, I'd have bought it up if I had the

chance! This place seems to get one or two pretty good pieces of furniture a

month. I gotta start stopping by more often during the week since it's on my way to

work. There is a Brasilia Dining set on the St. Louis Craigslist (link will be dead

soon I'm sure) but I don't think it's this set.


Then of course there were just a few other things worth taking a picture of while I

was there.


This little corner table would be great to use as is OR as a candidate for a Before

and After in the manner of Design Sponge
! There's lots of great inspiration there.

Check it out.


And no party is complete without a Lazy Susan full of veggies and dip! These are

perfect...and cheap too!


  1. I'm still kicking myself because a year or so ago we passed on one of the round Brasilia Cathedral tables with the sunken ceramic bowl. It's the only one I've seen before or since. Some things get away from us, and some we let get away!

  2. Wow! Those table and chairs looks amazing! I hate it when you miss out on stuff like that... It really sucks! I've been in that situation before too when you get to a thrift store right as someone is checking out with something amazing.

  3. Sorry you missed out, that always stings. Oooo, hate that when you get to the check out and someone has a find you missed (but it's fun to be the one who got the treasure other's are kicking themselves over - it all evens out)

  4. Bummer Mr. Mod! Brasilia no less. Well, can't win them all huh?

  5. Just last weekend I spotted a Brasilia breakfront, some chairs, a long coffee table and an end table in an ad for an estate sale. I arrived at 5AM to be first in line; I was able to claim the breakfront and the four side chairs but just missed getting the coffee table and side table (my hand was just a foot from the tags when another person snatched them). All the pieces were in beautiful condition.

  6. I live in Washington, DC and I have a whole set of Broyhill Brasilia furniture that I would sell for the right price. Set includes: Dining table (same as above) with 3 leaves, 8 dining chairs (2 arm and 6 side), 2 piece credenza and hutch with glass doors, 6 drawer dresser, queen headboard, 2 side tables AND round Cathedral coffee table with ceramic bowl and glass insert.