Thursday, March 3, 2011

So I'm Sure You All Are Tired of Looking at that Tired Brasilia End Table in Most of My Pics. Status: You Still Gotta Look at it, But it's a Lil' Less Tired Lookin'.


So that looks kinda nice, right? At least a lot better than it did. Shees, it was a mess. Check out the DRAMATIC before and after inside!

Let's get right to it shall we? Who really reads all these word anyway?


WOW, Right?!?! OK, so it ain't a perfect 100 point restoration but we're gonna call

those "imperfections" character. Plus, I'm probably going to take it back out to the

driveway and hit it again. Just waiting for another nice warm weekend.


Yup, this table REALLY needed Some kinda help. Luckily we did have a nice

afternoon and early evening Sunday. I was able to drag a few projects out and

mess with them. I had so much going on though. I wanted to try my hand at Weber

Kettle Smoking some pork steaks so I didn't spend as much time on this table as

maybe I should have. Yes, I said Pork Steaks. It's a St. Louis thing. They're great

summer time backyard with cheap beer (Pabst....mmmmmm) food. The pork

steaks turned out pretty good too.


So basically the good news is that you won't be subjected to that Ganked Up table

top in the foyer any more...unless I use an old photo or something. Yea.


  1. Can you explain the steps you took to clean up the table? Also, is the top a veneer? Thanks!

  2. Ah, fabulous! Well done. Have your end table call my triple dresser- they want to talk.

  3. Yvonne - I just used Minwax Antique Furniture Refinisher on it. If you wanna try it on something you'll need to buy some Fine Steel Wool at the same time. It should be located near the refinishing products. You should also consider getting some sort of protectant like a satin Polyurethane. Then just follow the steps on the can. It's easy. Try it on a thrifted piece that doesn't have a ton of value first.

    Rhan - Oh c'mon, I bet your dresser wouldn't even TAKE that call! You did a fabulous job refinishing your piece, where as I just did a quick slip shod "git-er-done" job.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I have a danish modern dresser that is in overall good condition, but could use a little sprucing up. I'm just not very handy and am scared to make it worse. You've got a good idea, I'll keep an eye out for a small piece that I can test out my skills on first :)

  5. WOW! The table looks great. I've never used the Minwax furniture refinisher but have looked at it many times at Lowes. Did you sand the table first?

  6. Yvonne - Give it a might surprise yourself.

    K4M - No sanding was done. If you sand you will remove the orig. finish and have to actually re-stain the piece. The Minwax stuff just sorta melts the orig. finish and redistributes it. It's not for a badly damaged piece.