Thursday, March 10, 2011

If You're Like Me And Have Lots of Home Decor Books, How Best to Store Them All? Book Caddies!!! Status: Three's Company.


I just keep Finding these! Or maybe they're finding me. I even spotted Yet Another one this evening at the Treasure Aisle Antique Mall on Big Bend (for cheap...but I didn't bring it home). I took a half day off cuz of the overtime from Sunday.

These are incredibly useful if you put a group of the same type books in them as

you can grab the caddie and head for the sofa to do your research instead of

having to "lug" an armful of books around!


And for realz, don't they look awesome! I have a real thing for steel wire / hairpin

type stuff. These look like they were just meant to sit next to a Bertoia chair!


(what the? weird color difference)


See! Separated at birth? Maybe not, but they look good together.


By the way, I don't actually read all these books. I'm not much of a reader (as you

might have expected given the brevity of many of these posts), I'm more of a

picture looker at-er. I have picked up a little from books like the upholstery book,

though. Who am I kidding? I'm just trying to appear well read!


  1. ohh I need one of these to sit next to my hairpin coffee table!

  2. Those are sweet! I need to get me some home decor books too!

  3. Those are pretty snazzy. I like the fact of how many books you can store in them and yet they are compact and easy to move.

  4. So awesome! I too have a love of atomic age wire and hairpin legs.

    Here we go again, I had one of these and sold it. Now I'm regretting it! Maybe I need to hold onto stuff a bit longer huh? Maybe your luck will rub off on me and I'll come across another one in the near future.

  5. Aw, those are great! I'd love to find one.

  6. Oh wow! I love them! I love books! I have never seen those anywhere! You are so lucky!

  7. Jess - Live nearby? I did find another for sale at Treasure Aisle!

    Fizzle - The books might be the hardest thing to find. I have little patience for sifting through all those used books at the thrift store. You know, it doesn't take much effort to see the difference between cool plates / cups / funiture and all the rest, but all those books look the same!

    K4M - They are kinda heavy, though!

    Rhan - Sellers remorse! I've only had that a few times. Sold a bangin' Pearsall sofa (that we got for FREE!) waayyyy to cheap. Live / Learn.

    Dana - You'd just put it in your shop and it'd be gone in a flash! (Can't wait to see more about the shop!)

    Sherry - I've seen them on eBay quite often. Take a look.