Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do NOT Let The "Antique-y" Exterior Fool You, This Joint Gots The Good Stuff. Status: Local? Not So Much...but worth the drive!


This antique mall, Brick Street Gallery Antiques, is located in downtown Cape Girardeau (jer-are-doe). We stopped in to check out Cape's "antique district" on our way back from New Orleans last week. I didn't expect much as I consider Cape Girardeau to can I say this...out in the sticks. The crossroads of nuthin' and nowhere. I kinda grew up there. Boy was I surprised!


Even just as walked across the street from the car I was pleasantly surprised as I noticed a pair

of Eames / Herman Miller shell chairs in the window! Oh, and look at that mod Lane dry bar!

How cool. I'm thinking the dry bar might have been painted as that is one bright orange color.

Yikes. But enough of this window shopin', we all know it's what's on the inside that counts,



This serving cart caught my eye right away. I new I had better get the camera out and start

snapping pics. The prices were very reasonable in my opinion as well. If you happen to make

the trip, be sure to drag a trailer with ya! I almost left my paycheck! I'll be going back.


Not sure what the rooster head stand is but it has a great tulip base. The Fisher Price A Frame

play house is a classic. The floor lamp was in great condition except that a few of the switches

didn't work. It might have been re-wired around the switches. Dunno. I should have bought it.


I have a weakness for art deco watering cans. I bought two in New Orleans and if I hadn't I

would have bought these two! Need a paint by numbers? They had lots.


Hey! I've got a set of those starburst casseroles. And check out all the pyrex and whatnot.


Dag, that fan looks Mint! The lamp screams mod seventies and I have a thing for those vases. I

think there was yet another one like it elsewhere in the shop.


I grabbed up and brought home the Russel Wright stacking sugar and creamer. The beautiful

glass pitcher and retro dishes were left behind for someone else to discover.


If you know Mr. Modtomic you know that he has a weakness for and a large collection of

Southern Comfort glassware. The casserole and lid are in my favorite color, robin's egg blue.

Nice, right?


They had all kinds of cool ashtrays and candy dishes. The focus went kinda wonky on the first

pic but it is such a cool piece that I thought I'd include it anyway. I love the shiny finish on the googie red



Hey, there's that other art deco vase! If I'd have had any money left from the New Orleans trip

I'd have bought the pair of them as well. Sometimes you just gotta say no.  Check out that big

blue Russel Wright bowl.  What is it, a soup tureen?  And of course we all love this pattern...

who's name eludes me at the moment.


As per usual, lots of cool Frankoma as well as confetti plastic Texasware style mixing bowls.


Paul McCobb?  In South East Missouri?  Yep.  Who knew!?


The Girlfriend could hardly resist this Melmac plastic plate set. She hemmed and hawed but in

the end cooler heads prevailed. It's still available. Check out those lovely electric tea kettles!

Amazing industrial design.


Cigarettes are nasty but ashtrays fascinate me! Art deco ashtrays are beautiful. There was a

nice corner table available that might get overlooked for all the items placed on top of it!


Lamps Lamps Lamps, big and small!


What a great Retro Christmas Tree stand! I snatched up the hanging globe as I didn't think I'd

EVER find another one like it! The Eero Saarinen knock off chair looks pretty good. I really like

the base.


Here's a great glam / mod mirrored shadowbox for everybody who lusts after ours. And just in

case you still have a land line...or like me just like to display them...a killer rotary phone!


Nice industrial chic drafting chair. Lot's of lamps and smalls.


What a wild coffee and end tables set! I've never seen a set like this. It needs some love but

would look great repainted.



Here is an unusual lounge chair! It's clearly designed like the Baughman recliner but is made of

metal instead of wood and has been upholstered in some very unfortunate fabric.


Another one of those Saarinen knock offs. The desk looks a little like the Dorothy Schindele

desk that I had a while back
. Then there was another cool but poorly upholstered swivel side


Well, There's lots more to see but it's getting pretty late. I'll present the rest of the pics I took in

part two tomorrow! It's not that big a place either...there was just so much good stuff there! It

really was hard to believe.


  1. Aren't you glad you took the time to check this place out? Through the years I've found some amazing little spots that I never dreamed would be filled with so many mcm and atomic treasures.

  2. I'm loving that Mod Lane Dry bar and that wild looking coffee table and end tables! There are so many awesome things in there! I sure with this place was closer so I could go there all the time!

  3. Were those melmac dishes Brookpark? My grandmother had tons of those; had a friend that worked there in the 50's/60's in Cleveland. Don't know what happened to it but I do have her confetti mixing bowl made by Brookpark..

  4. SO MUCH FABULOUSNESS! Love the mixing bowls with atomic snowflakes and the tables, and the lamps, the stuff dreams are made of.

  5. Wow, where do I even begin with this?? There are so many things I'm dying over! Do you remember what they were asking for the metal Baughman-like lounge chair? My brother found the same chair plus ottoman at the Seattle Goodwill and wonders what it's worth retail-wise. I searched and searched but could not find anything like it.

  6. Yup, that's definitely Brookpark melmac. I've been collecting the pink, black, and chartreuse versions of its for ten years. It's my everyday dishware and it's very cool stuff. (Just don't EVER put it in the dishwasher or microwave.)