Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh How I Hate Waiting. Just Ask The Girlfriend. Restaurant With A Wait List? C-Ya. Line At The Grocery Store...Hmmph. Mostly It's This Instant Gratification World, But Sometimes It's Just Apprehension. A "Will It Be There When I Have Time To Pick It Up?" Kinda Worry. Status: No Worries...This Time!


This Fabulous Knoll Bastiano sofa and love seat were made available at about midnight the evening before last.  I shot off a note to the seller a couple hours after it was posted with little hope of actually scoring the set, but then...the next morning I got the call.


The seller called me about 11:30 yesterday morning after reading my e-mail.  I had expressed a hope

to be able to pick the set up before heading off to work at 1:30 but when I thought about trying to

accomplish the feat...I thought better of it.  I still had the four club chairs in the back of Frank.  I can

get a lot done in a short amount of time...but this would be pushing my limits.  She suggested that we

meet after I get off work (which I had mentioned I would be available for if it were necessary).  This

meant that I'd have to wait...all - day.


Surely you've experienced a craigslist fail wherein the seller opted to go for the sure sale who showed

up before your appointment.  It's kind of the law of the jungle...but lots of sellers heed their

conscience and will keep an appointment with the first respondent as best they can before moving on

to any other buyers.  God love those sellers!  Luckily for Mr. M the seller of this fantastic Knoll

living room set kept our appointment for later that evening.  It was kinda driving me nuts all evening

long at work!


Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  The sellers waited for me to show and even helped me load

up.  They had wildly under priced this teak and (what I believe is) wool seating designed by Tobia

  Sure, there are some glue joint issues and someone in the past has taken liberties with

making repairs by adding a few extra screws where there shouldn't be and a pair of braces underneath

where they can't be seen, but these issues can be easily overlooked.  It's still a beautiful set and while

the glue joints really should be re-glued...the set is still structurally sound.  If they don't move quickly,

I might just keep the sofa and replace the green one we have in the family room!


There's the delivery tag from Knoll to the old Famous-Barr department store warehouse downtown.

I believe that building is now the Goodwill "by the pound" outlet and a second hand office equipment

retailer now., that was just over 34 years ago.  Anyway, if you'd like to get your buns on

some nice higher end seating, the set is already in the booth at Creve Coeur for your inspection.

I think your buns'll like it!


  1. I just fell in love! Those are magnificent!

    1. Hi mrsjrb.

      I'm trying real hard not to fall for the set myself. Somebody better get in there and claim them soon or I might have to drag 'em back home!

    2. I'd love them but I'm three hours away