Monday, April 14, 2014

I Found A Couple Of Unusual Mushroom Style Executive Desk Lamps Over The Weekend. These Things Are Stainless Steel And Weigh A Ton. I Was Certainly Happy The Thrift Store Wasn't Charging By The Pound! Status: Soon To Be Available.


I don't know what to make of this pair of desk lamps.  They obviously were an expensive set when new.  They've both got heavy duty wiring, a phone extension and jack and a pair of three prong outlets as well as the lighting itself.  And did I mention they are Stainless Steel?!


Of course, this is what we're all about 'roung here.  These mushroom style shades are what push this

pair of desk lamps into the realm of vintage modern.  They aren't glass but more of a poly type

material.  I was glad to find that they had survived the donation process mostly unscathed.  Sure

there's a scratch here and there, but they're probably 35 years old!


Each lamp sports a pair of sockets up top and has a nice metal diffuser below the bulbs to help quell

any harsh light on your workspace.  Oh yeah, there's a switch next to the outlets too, presumably to

switch off whatever is plugged into the lamp.  That seems kinda weird.  What would you plug into

the lamp that you'd want to switch off the power source to?  These days it'd maybe be your laptop

power supply I guess.


And there's the only marking / clue as to who manufactured this pair of desk lamps: a Made In

Canada sticker.  Of course, I've looked all over the nets to find another like it and came up empty

handed.  Probably not a whole lot of these out there to begin with.  This pair, it'll be in one of the

booths pretty soon.  Keep your eyes open!


  1. Are you sure these aren't from a library? The extra outlet would make sense for laptops. We have lamps that look like these at our library, but the base is green.

  2. They came from the millennium hotel, all of the contents of that hotel was donated after the hotel closed recently. If you google image search you can spot a few in the interior photos of the hotel. I grabbed a pair that we are using in the living room to plug our phone chargers and laptop into while we are on the sofa.

  3. Hmmm...I can't find a photo of a room at the St. Louis Millennium Hotel, but I did spot these lamps in photos of rooms at the Millennium in Cincinnati and Minneapolis. So Hannah is quite likely right! Great job Hannah! Funny thing, I also saw the chairs that are in the photo below at the same thrift where I picked up the lamps!

    Click here for pic.